Tebow takes control


Broncos QB Tim Tebow has taken leadership to a new level. Hear from experts and his teammates as to why he’s the main man on and off the field.

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  1. ck says:

    You know Buzz you should show the highlights of T2 winning against the Jets in 2011 as that is really when T2 won all over Sanchez SETTLING as to who the better NFL QB was/is/has been!!!! That is why Rex who remains not only an immature imbecile imo, but someone who is incapable of doing what is right AND HAS TRIED to keep T2 from proving, YET AGAIN, his failure in allowing a lowly imitation of a REAL NFL QB THAT SHOULD ALREADY BE A NON-ENTITY due to HIS being the uninspiring run-of-the-mill player which Sanchez has continued to be noted as and still was able to keep the position in spite of the more than obvious facts surrounding his less than satisfactory performance (guess HIS DAYS AS COACH ARE NOW NUMBERED WHEN HE HAS SHOWN HOW WRONG HE HAS BEEN TIME AND AGAIN W/EGG ON HIS FACE TOO, I MIGHT ADD)!!! NOT CRITICISING, JUST STATING THE FACTS!!!
    Any team would be more than justified in bringing T2 within their organization b/c HE IS A LEADER AND HAS PROVEN HE CAN WIN IN EVEN THE MOST UNLIKELY/IMPOSSIBLE SITUATIONS!!! More times than not, have certainly seen this scenario before, where T2 always ends up having adversity turned into something that benefits him and results in an advantage that turns into HUGE positives in a BIG WAY!!! It’s “NO SECRET”, obviously, that teams are not willing to show their cards until they absolutely have to in order to get the player they are after in the NFL…”cloak and dagger!” Just wait, b/c something MONUMENTAL WILL HAPPEN FOR T2 ESPECIALLY WHEN SOME TEAM STEPS UP THAT FINALLY REALLY DESERVES TO HAVE A WINNER ON THEIR TEAM!! MOST COACHES SEE THIS AND ARE NOT STUPID LIKE REX HAS BEEN!!!

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