Love in the Time of Tebots

By : SportsBabe Brandi

As Tim Tebow worked out earlier today (Friday), Bleacher Report displayed an interesting dichotomy. They posted an article saying Tim Tebow deserves a shot at Quarterback, while calling him “polarizing”. They also are running a poll on whether he can succeed as an NFL QB. Just over 90% say Yes. Just under 8% say No. At the current voting.

In similar polls on whether he should be the New York Jets Starting Quarterback, Tebow comes in as the overwhelming favorite. In poll after poll. His Popularity is still so high despite a Season mired in the muck that’s the New York Jets that the Top Show on Television, NCIS, Name-dropped him in their most recent episode. Despite how much we may talk about the Sports Networks various Shows, the reality is that most of the time, they have a smaller viewership than re-runs of those NCIS Episodes on the Cable Channels. ESPN’s “Flagship” program, Sportscenter had the largest audience in its history following the Packers-Seahawks Monday Night Football Game that was so botched it had “everyone” up in arms. 6.5 Million Viewers were watching Sportscenter that night. 6.5 Million viewers gets a Network Show cancelled.

The lowest rated CABLE TV Show (Non-Sports)Premier EVER, is TNT’s “Monday Morning”…with 1.34 Million Viewers.

First Take racks it up with several hundred thousand. Yep. The Worst Kick-Off for a TV Series kicks the “Name” Sports Shows butts in Viewers. We just talk about these Shows so much, it leaves the impression there are actually people watching them.

There’s a reason why ESPN throws in the “obligatory” Tebow references. His Popularity transcends the NFL. As Turner expands and enhances Bleacher Report, which it almost certainly will do, and Fox expands Yardbarker…then the other Networks jump in and push their “Citizen Sports Journalism”, I anticipate we’ll see a big growth spurt. But, for now, the overall numbers are actually a quite small percentage of the Sports Viewing World.

It tends to be a more intense group. But does that make it representative? Certainly as it relates to Tim Tebow it doesn’t. Two very small groups of zealots…the “Tebots” and the “Te-Haters” consume much of the discussion. But there’s an enormous group of the Masses out there who simply have enjoyed watching Tim Tebow Play Football and want to see more.

It’s highly unlikely that they’ll be disappointed. As Y’All have heard me say before. No professional Sports league has EVER chased off its Most Popular Player. But the trench warriors have actually taken the rhetoric to the depth of lunacy where there’s been a notion spread that Tebow’s popularity is actually a deterrent. I’m gonna tell you all something right now. The NFL would fire every General Manager and Head Coach before they’d allow a Player to be run off for being “too Popular”. Popularity is how they pay their bills…let alone maybe even turn a profit. They don’t make a dime off chicken shit Coaches and Front Offices. If those Coaches and GMs don’t understand that popularity pays their salaries, they end up getting fired…sooner; as they usually end up getting fired anyway.

I suppose some think they’re fighting for some sort of “Integrity of the Game”..if, they actually do doubt his chances of continued success. But “Integrity” isn’t a word that should be used to describe the National Football League. Doubt that? Just go talk to the NFLPA.

Even if the League wasn’t beset with such a huge number of troubled Players that it’s eclipsed the NBA as the League of Thugs; if it wasn’t being called “Big Tobacco” by thousands of Ex-Players who are trying to strip the Owners of their fortunes…those running the NFL and the various Teams are so thoroughly ignoring their duties that they ratified a CBA that doesn’t provide enough time to prepare a Team for the Season. Or to get them sharp week-to-week. But what’s worse, they were a year-plus into this new CBA before many of the Head Coaches even realized it. Only a very small number within NFL Media recognized the impending problem. But they were ignored when pointing it out.

The National Football League is so completely lost right now, if the problems with their Players doesn’t get them, or the Lawsuits from their Ex-Players…their own lack of even the basic competence to enter an agreement with the Players that provides ample opportunity to get those Players properly ready to hit the Field at the start of each Season will. From the Commissioner to the Owners to the General Managers to the Head Coaches, doing the Basic Business of Football has fallen by the wayside. It’s been over-run by everything else.

There isn’t even the Integrity to pay attention to the simple things. So what exactly are these “Defenders” fighting for? Because it sure isn’t Football. I think it’s just fighting to fight.
..SportsBabe Brandi

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6 Responses to “Love in the Time of Tebots”

  1. Sage says:

    Proud to be a tebow zealot.

    Many NFL problems are likely to arise from unimonism. Can you say ‘city of detroit’? It’s probably not high player salaries that will beggar the NFL so much as labyrinthine labor codes. Everyone moves on wooden legs.

    • Sage says:

      “unionism,” I meant to say.

      • ck says:

        Sage: It is all relativism anymore…one word: GREED!!! Anyways, back to sports…like what Brandi states as it is about whether or not someone is perceived as worth watching and T2 is WORTH WATCHING FOR MANY REASONS!!! Guess the minority who are vocal can’t stand that someone worth watching definitely has standards which they, personally, don’t happen to possess any nor can they meaure up in that regard!!! Easy to be a hypocrite like Mr. Spidey b/c “What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right!” Anyways, like reading your posts Sage.:D

  2. Thrawn says:

    Tehy aren’t “running him off” just because he is “too popular.” The problem here is that many don’t think he has the skillset to back up the popularity, and the polarization isn’t just among the fanbase, but also among the players themselves.

    The focus of most GMs and coachis is WINNING games. While Tebow has some wins under his belt while playing, there seems to be a lot of disagreement on how much of that was due to him. Few teams feel he is the missing ingredient that can get them over the hump and into contendership. Or else they’d be offering the franchise to get him on the team. Why wouldn’t a team want an extremely popular player who also seems to have the skillset to back it up. You think the league would be “running off” Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or the Manning brothers if they were “too popular?” They are among the best at their position in the game. Somehow I doubt it.

    So I think there is a lot more too it than him simply being “too popular.” The only guy that is going to get Tebow out on the field is Tim Tebow himelf. HE will have to win over the confidence of a coaching staff, just like everyone else. no team is gonna allow the media or the league to FORCE FEED him into a starting role simply because of his popularity. The league doesn’t have THAT much power to tell a team they HAVE to play a certain player. All that does is send messages that the sideshow is bigger than the show itself. All that is going to do is create a lot of resentment among existing NFL fans and players who really don’t care about Tebow one way or another.

    Nobody is “running him off.” He can stay in the league by improving the glaring weaknesses discussed all over football nation. there is a difference between “running someone off” and simply not allowing the press or the league commissioner to force a player into their starting lineup. You talk about a league never before running off its most popular player… but I haven’t heard of a league that tells a certain team… “You HAVE to keep a player whether you like him or not, and you HAVE to start him. I don’t care if he fits your system or has the skillset or not.” that is ALSO dangerous territory for a league. Then you start to wonder who actually owns the teams. Some sports Network? Roger Goodell?

    Either way, it’s a TERRIBLE place for Tebow to be in if he wants a fair shot at being a starting QB in this league.

    • Brandi says:

      Much of the purpose of this article was directed at the notion that Tim Tebow’s Fans are his biggest problem in getting a shot. A contention I believe you’re made yourself before Thrawn.

      I will part ways with you…and likely many others…in the notion the GM and HCs “Job” is “Winning. It’s not. Satisfied Customers is their job. Winning is certainly a component of that; but ONLY a component. It will never be more than that, no matter how many may wish to say it is.

      Professional Sports are entirely about Popularity. They have absolutely no other purpose. None. Many things drive that. New York, as an example, is largely regarded as a “Knicks Town”. That’s a tough contention to refute. The Knicks are the one team in New York where Winning and Losing have almost no affect on the demand for more Knicks. It was just announced they topped the NBA is Merchandise Sales. Is there anyone who remembers the last time the NY Knicks Won the NBA Championship? 1973.

      There’s another place where I part ways with many. I care about the fans. And I care about what the Owners do or don’t do. For the most part, I don’t care about what the GMs and Coaches/Managers think. Only in so much as they’re keeping the Fans happy. And, whether many would agree with that or not, I think in a way, most Fans feel that way deep down. Winning doesn’t Win over the Fans when the Fans don’t like and/or trust those “in charge”. And if it’s the Owner they dislike or distrust, it’s doubly hard for any GM or Manager/Head Coach to win the Fans over. For the basic reason, the fans know that when it comes right down to it, those guys are Temporary Workers who can be fired at any time for any reason or no reason whatsoever. Simply the Owner’s whim and whimsy.

      Fans want a reason to feel like they can embrace a Team into their hearts. No matter how many want to call them something else…Professional Sports is Comfort Food. And as everybody knows, Comfort Food is rarely Gourmet.

      You may think Tim Tebow is a McDonald’s Cheeseburger and that the Fans should want something else. But popularity is what it is for a reason.

      As it relates to Tim Tebow, there is one simple fact. NO “Experts” have convinced the fans that they’re somehow wrong to not want to see Tebow Play. Whether you think think they’re right or not doesn’t matter. Whether every Head Coach and General Manager in the NFL thinks they’re right or not DOES NOT MATTER. Their opinions…and that is all that they are, opinions…do NOT supercede that of the fans.

      You think it’s a dangerous precedent to have the Will of the Fans supplant the “expertise” of the Managerial Functionaries. I think it’s inane for it to be any other way. The Fans aren’t dumb. And for you or ANYONE else to believe they are is as self-destructive for any Pro Sports league as it is arrogant.

      • Thrawn says:

        Winning is the biggest thing that wins over the fans. Remember Dallas and that “America’s Team” tag that went with them? Pittsburgh has enoyed a winning tradition for a long time and enjoy one of the largest nation wide fanbases in the NFL. It didn’t come because they had a
        good guy” that ran around a lot.

        Looking at Denver fans, getting Peyon Manning took away a lot of the sting that otherwise would have happened had they got rid of Tebow without bringing in a HOF QB. After going 13-3, while the season may have ended in disappointment in the post season, there are FEW calls for those that want to bring Tebow back. He’s almost an afterthought now aside from a select few who never really got over the trade.

        That kinda brings me to that point. People in general have a short attention span. Winning will be what makes people happy, and one reason people loved Tebow so much is because he was sold as this big winner that was going to win a lot of games regardless of what situation. A lot of people heard about his college resume and bought into the hype. A lot of that hooplah has died down, in part because he spent the last year making more headlines than plays due to the Jets’ not using him.

        I don’t think Tebow’s fanbase is his BIGGEST problem. I think his inability to run the offense most teams want is. That and his accuracy and other things. But I think it is foolish to think that it doesn’t at least play a part. I’m confident that if he were an elite QB, all that popularity would be a bonus. Right now it isn’t. That is because GMs and coaches are trying to win games, they don’t think Tebow can do that after watching him in practice. The last thing they want is the media telling them what to do just because he sells tickets to a college fanbase that loves him, and some “new” fans that are only interrested in one player. Yeah, he might draw in a few Johnny come latelies. A coach with an ego (…name me ONE coach who doesn’t have a huge one.) Owners, GMs, coaches, it is almost un unwritten law that you have to have an ego. Forcing a player most perceive to not have the skillset into their lineups and told to start him will NEVER work out well. It just doesn’t. It tears locker rooms in half and divides fanbases. No good will come from it I can pretty much promise.

        I know a lot of people will raise their hand and say, “I like Tebow.” but I don’t think the “will of the people” that fit that bill is as powerful as you think. As I have said, it appears much of that has died down, and people start taking interrest in other things.

        Only a few, albeit a very LOUD few, have the attention span to keep that going. Another year or two of being on the Jets, Tebow will be nearly forgotten among NFL fans. As it sits, there just isn’t much being discussed about him potentially landing on another team. All around the internet, doing a quick search, most teams that might want Tebow sure isn’t generating much discussion among the fanbases. In fact, he seems to be avoided by them as well. Doesn’t strike me as a case of his popularity driving the will of the fans to me.

        He’s a good kid. But he’s gonna have to bide his time on an AFL or CFL team for the time being. Like it or not, he needs to change that perception that he can’t hit the broad side of a barn and that he can do the conventional stuff too.

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