Let the Workouts Begin

BY :SportsBabe Brandi

And Y’All thought last Season’s Jets Work-Outs were an exercise in mockery. They were merely the hors d’oeuvres. Now we get to the salad days. And Jets Fans are pounding their heads against the walls and wondering if they’ll ever see good old fashioned meat & potatoes Football anytime in their lifetimes. Forget the tasty dessert of a Championship. How about just ending all of the food-fights?

Darrelle Revis will be riding in on a golf cart with his leg propped up up pick up his check. While the Jets will parade a small army of Quarterbacks whose careers they’ve ruined. It’s clear that David Garrard’s NFL Career is over; evidenced by his willingness to sign up to Play for the Head Coach who is famously making himself famous for destroying the lives and careers of everyone he’s near.

But Rex is on a leash, they say. A Starting Quarterback, sort of, known for a fragile psyche. And a Head Coach who has to have his wings clipped, lest he sink the Franchise further into turmoil. Forget the Team. Rex Ryan has already destroyed that. There aren’t enough body bags. Now we’re talking about whether Idzy & Marty can save the Franchise. There’s a part of me that hopes they can’t and Woody Johnson is forced to sell. Anything short of that feels too much like delaying the inevitable.

But John Idzik might, just might pull off an April Miracle. If he manages to consummate the Trade to send Mark Sanchez to Tampa…Darrelle needs somebody to carry his bags while he’s healing…Jets Fans will actually have something to cheer.

In a current Bleacher/Report Poll of who Jets Fans want as their Starting Quarterback, the issue isn’t even an issue. It is what it’s been for almost a year…certainly since the mid-point of last Season. Tim Tebow is the over-whelming choice of NY Jets Fans; garnering over three-quarters of the Fan Votes. Three times as many as all other choices combined; including the choice, “Someone else” who is not named Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy, Matt Simms or David Garrard. “Someone else”, by the way, is leading the other four.

What makes these Tebow numbers so telling is they come in at a time when Jets Fans were being told every day by the Media that Tim’s not long for the Gang Green.

While in New York, the reports are “The Bucs aren’t interested”, in Tampa, the whispers keep coming that it’s actually Tampa Bay that’s spurring on the conversations. Perhaps it’s all part of the jockeying that’s taking place over those precious Draft Picks. But the reality is that the Buccaneers aren’t sold on Josh Freeman and they don’t know what to do about it. Right now he looks like a Poor Man’s Philip Rivers…sometimes flashing almost brilliance. But unable to prevent himself from having the inevitable hiccups and meltdowns that blow Games. Say what you will about Mark Sanchez. And there’s not much that hasn’t been said. But he is capable of Managing a Game. Just don’t ever ask him to be a Playmaker. That’s when the Buttfumbles begin. Mark is only loose with the Football when he’s being asked to be loose with the Football. Some Guys can turn that into enough Great Plays to Win Games…ala Brett Favre. Some simply end up stinking up the joint. Tampa Bay would actually be a pretty good spot for Sanchez. For one thing, if nobody shows up at the Stadium, he won’t be blamed for it.

I haven’t been shy in saying…if the Jets want to turn the mood of the fans around in a hurry, they need to Trade Sanchez and hand Tim Tebow the Football. In massive numbers, that’s what Jets Fans have been saying as well. Though most would also add…Fire Rex Ryan. On that one they’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Unless we next hear that Rex is also being discussed in Trade Talks that may or may not end up being nothing more than talk.

The real Games begin now.

..SportsBabe Brandi

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8 Responses to “Let the Workouts Begin”

  1. Sage says:

    Can’t imagine what it’s like to have Woody’s money, and yet so little interest in the things that make live interesting, such as chance and discovery and daring and risk. Tebow offers all of that, but my impression is that Woody would rather eat honey melon than think of any of it.

    • The Mascot Army says:

      He’s so desperate to be in the club, that he’s a prisoner of uninformed groupthink.

      • ck says:

        The Mascot Army: “Prisoner of uninformed groupthink”…that is right up there w/Pavlov and to the point!!! Usually, it is like the saying that “common sense is not so common!” Brandi has it right too and Sage as well!!

  2. tawk2 says:

    I know this is off subject but my heart is breaking for all those lost and injured in the senseless bombing at the Boston Marathon yesterday. My prayers and thoughts are with all who have been forever changed by this horrific tragedy. When will the senseless hurting and killing of people stop?

    I have shed many tears since I found out yesterday for those lost and injured. I pray the person or person’s responsible are caught and the full arm of the law is extended to them. We have an 8 year old daughter I can not even imagine how I would feel if I lost her.

    When are innocent people going to quit paying for the mistakes or decisions made by our government or other people? I pray each night that our daughter and my four older sons make it to another day. Such a scary time we are living in. I can only pray that things will get better, but am I fooling myself?

    • tawk2 says:

      I am not accusing all government or all people, I just know sometimes our government in my opinion gets involved in other countries when we cannot even take care of those here. Not trying to offend anyone. I don’t believe in terrorism of any kind whether it be domestic or foreign. I hope I have not offended anyone with my comments above. Sorry if I have.

      • Sage says:

        The related message I’d like to send is of economic rationality. The supply of oil does not need to be “protected.”. Oil is no good on a sandwich or for any use but sale to those with money to pay for it

        For at least 60 or 70 years “strategic” dunderheads have insisted we need military supremacy in the mi-east, which is just wrong. Governments chill. Goods come to market without tanks and war.

      • ck says:

        Yes, tawk2, that awful scenario has been on my mind a lot and especially in regards to that 8-year-old who one minute was so happy giving his parent a hug and in the next…said prayers for all as it is just unimaginable to contemplate what kind of animal is capable of just such an act on innocent people unaware of what might happen at a supposedly safe event!!! My daughter likes to run and signs up on occasion…makes one have second thoughts I would think?!!
        P.S. You haven’t offended me b/c not everything is positive regarding politics and there is a lot I don’t agree with too!!!

        • jason says:

          And we should now banned pressure cookers since they kill people. Our sorry 8$$ government doesn’t do its job and hasn’t for many years. They blame us. CK you and I disagree about tebow but we do agree that what makes america great. Its not the *&*^^^$$#^%^###^^((*&^%$#(*&^%*&^%$*&^%&^%&^% “leaders” we have.
          May god be with the families and damn all of those that did such an act.

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