How about these stats. They weren’t cherry picked.

Bill Stacy

* 100.5 QB rating is best ever for a Broncos QB in his first start.
* Longest TD run by a QB in Broncos history (40 yds).
* Longest TD run by a QB in his first start in NFL history (40 yds.)
* Third most passing yards in a game by a Bronco rookie QB. (308, in his 2nd start)
* First 15+ point comeback in the final 3 minutes of an NFL game since the merger.
* Longest TD run in the final minute of a game in NFL history.
* Most carries in a game by a QB (22) since 1950. (Vs Chargers)
* Most yards per completion (31.6) in NFL playoff history.
* Longest overtime postseason TD pass in NFL history.
* Most 30+ yard completions in one quarter in NFL postseason history.
* Passer rating of 125.6 is highest ever in Broncos postseason history.
* 7 come from behind 4th Q or overtime victories. ..

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24 Responses to “How about these stats. They weren’t cherry picked.”

  1. jason says:

    We fans love stats. We really love stats. The problem is that GMs and coaches look at how the skill set of a player is for the system they will run and the evlaution of that skill set when picking a QB to start for them. Stats and records are what us fans and media love to argue about, GMs and coaches don’t.
    Tim holds some good records, its how his skill set is viewed by those people in the league that can hire him that’s what’s an issue right now for the kid.
    Fans and media have to look at what the guys in charge look at when it comes to picking up a player.

    • Thrawn says:

      Yeah, Stats don’t make him good.

      You know who broke Elway’s stat for the most touchdown passes in a game for the Broncos?

      Gus Frerotte.

      He had 5 one day against the Chargers. People forget that he had 5 interceptions in that same game too, but yeah, he owns a couple of records from that game.

      It never made him a good QB. Just means he had a really good day in one department. Bhe biggest memory that guy has defining his career is ramming his head into the wall celebrating a TD and giving himself a concussion.

      So, while those records set by Tebow are nice… it isn’t going to convince a GM that he’s a good QB.

      • jason says:

        Much like matt flynn with 6 TDs in one game. He played a perfect game that day but you don’t send rodgers packing because of it. Flynn then got beat out by wilson for the starting job and flynn has been shpped to yet another team.
        Brees through 5 picks against the falcons this past season and he’s still great. Not one record brady holds is what makes him great or would be looked at if he was a free agent, it’ll go strickly to his skill set.
        Plus what people forget is that GMs and coaches look at ALL the games and the whole game. The study of a player goes the same for the best game they played as well as the worst game and its skill set that they look at not which team won the game. Its how well you excuted you postition.

      • The Mascot Army says:

        Yeah, but no moron would have claimed that Frerotte had no business as an NFL QB. Tebow has had some monster games. ANYBODY who has a 150+ NFL passer rated game on their belt, multiple comeback wins, and a playoff victory in effectively their rookie season with no offseason, all the while tweaking their mechanics, is in the category of potential starting NFL QB; arguing otherwise is idiocy.

        • jason says:

          Tim is of potential long term starting QB for sure. The arguement that he completely sucks is just from people that don’t know much about the game just like the he’s a winner thing is for people that just love the guy.

        • Thrawn says:

          But nobody is using that to make their case that Frerotte was worthy of being in the league either. It’s a nice tidbit on a resume, nothing more.

          They’re very nice… What does that prove, exactly? That he’s merely capable playing in the NFL? Or that he should get to start.

          The Matt Flynn example above is yet another good example of that. It doesn’t mean a whole lot in the big picture.

          After all, there are many bad statistics that aren’t cherry picked too. But I betcha you know a way to shoot each and every one of those down and say they don’t matter either, dontcha? 46% career completion percentage over 16 starts? Nearly breaking the record for consecutive three and out streaks in 3 separate games? None of those stats seem to be accepted by Tebow fans as a reason he can’t play, but focus on the good stats. Haters are the opposite. Never any gray area.

          Two sides of every coin, isn’t there?

          • The Mascot Army says:

            Yeah, Fox is an idiot is the answer to most of that; Tom Brady would continually go 3 and out if run run 3rd and long was the extent of the playbook.
            Frerotte made a Probowl, and didnt have ignoramuses telling him to play TE.
            Have you been reduced to saying tebow is only a potentially one time probowler? That’s a lomg way off from shouldnt be in the NFL.

    • The Mascot Army says:

      I heard a story about Bill Parcels. One of his coaches was complaining about a WR who couldnt do some particular skill and Parcells told him he didnt care, have him do what he is good at. The uncreative coaches have their system and try to fit square pegs into round holes. The good coaches, like Belicheck, make round holes for their round pegs.
      And then idiots like Fox, think their round peg is a triangle, and so make a triangle shaped hole and pat themselves on the back for being a genius.

      • jason says:

        That’s exactly right. Have a player do what they’re good at is always the key. Guys like parcels and belichick are great at that. What I’m saying as an issue tim faces is that most coaches aren’t just gonna go to the spread that tebow does well. The ones that did have the QB they want and will keep. The great coaches that can adapt everything they do are far and few. My main point I guess is the reality of what the NFL is as of right now vs what people think it should be are worlds apart. Plenty of the coaches don’t think the read option is gonna last long term. I’m of the give it another year so we can know for certain opinion on it so we can see what DCs can come up with this offseason. The one thing that I noticed was clear was that those guys still did just fine sitting in the pocket and throwing the ball so if it does or doesn’t they’ll be fine either way. What’s gonna be the issue is if they start getting hurt cause GMs won’t go for the QB with a big contract getting hurt every year. It’d be cool if it stays long term and another year or so may show it.
        Don’t forget also if tebow goes to belichick then he’ll be expected to learn the offense that’s being run. Belichick isn’t gonna just have a completely sperate offense for tim. I’m for tim but he has to get better at the pocket skill set. If around the league they didn’t see him as having issues then it wouldn’t be such an issue every offseason about what he’s trying to fix about his skill set. The issues about him that come from the media are things they hear from people around the league. they aren’t just dreaming the stuff about his skills and what GMs and coaches want his skill set to be. Anyone that looks back at all of his passing plays not just the ones they like or dislike can see he needs much improvement in several areas of his passing. If we are only gonna look at this or that play then we can make sanchez look better than brady, every play and ts no arguement that can be made that brady is superior to sanchez.
        I just want tebow to get with one team with one HC and one OC for a few years to learn and I have no doudt no arguement can be made that he will make it just fine. That’s why I think being with belichick and brady would give him his best shot for a long career in the NFL with the level of success he wants. I mean this in a since of reality because as of now no coach that will take him right now is gonna turn their offense into gators 2.0, we can’t look past that. They’d have grabbed him in trade by now if they planned that and using him as the starter.I its great to wish and hope that some dream senario will just be giving to tim kinda like I wish I didn’t hav to pay taxes but it doesn’t work that way based on what’s going on right now.
        I think the realistic chance for tim is gonna be learning as a true backup with a stable team.

        • The Mascot Army says:

          That’s reasonable. I think the pats offense has a lot of similarities with Urban Myers offense in Gainesville and dont think Tebow would have a lot of trouble with it, and they can suit the play calling to his skills.
          I also think that his year with the Broncos will be the least accurate he will ever be in the NFL. His tweaked mechanics will only become more comfortable every year, and he is putting in the time. Somebody is going to get a real bargain after this draft.

          • jason says:

            The patriots offense is the biggest grouping of bits and pieces of every offense there is. I label their offense as the patriots offense because it is pretty much one of a kind. I think in that tebow could take over for brady when brady retires and have a 10 year career starting. I just see that as everything stand as his best shot long term in the NFL.
            Plus no one is better at slapping the media away than belichick which helps tim greatly.

  2. Bob Segret says:

    Tim Tebow , has started fourteen games in the nfl and has set a number of records . Tim has done this throught out his football days . Before he came into the nfl he had scored over three hundred touchdowns . so from thie day on he will continue to be the best quarterback possible . He is not a fluke .

    • jason says:

      T What he did or any player did before the NFL doesn’t matter as the NFL is very different than college. Its the weakest of any arguement to compare college to NFL as they are different. I love the discussion of the NFL but very much don’t like when people view college as one in the same.
      How many players claim the NFL is very different than college?…………….I could come up with 1000s

      • Thrawn says:

        And there are plenty that couldn’t make the transition from a successful college career to the NFL. Look at all the Heisman winners that flopped in the NFL, the ones that succeeded vs. those that became busts are pretty close to even.

        • The Mascot Army says:

          How many of those busts have won a playoff game? Can you count them all using only your thumbs?

          • jason says:

            Tim isn’t a bust at all. I think he sets in that proven potenial area right now. Not someone that could be great anywhere but with the right elements can do well. He gets those needed skills improved and he could be one of the go anywhere kinda guys. But not a bust at all. Just been raw so far, needs that refinement.
            He’ll get it.

          • Thrawn says:

            Ahhh, the good old Pittsburgh life preserver. Be on a team when it wins a playoff game, you’re golden.

            Won that playoff game all by himself, did he?

            Winning a playoff game doesn’t make him a good QB all by itself. But of course I’m sure you knew that. As much as I have seen some of you bash Sanchez in here… unless you are willing to give Sanchez the same credit for going to the AFC Championship… TWICE in his first 3 seasons. Somehow I doubt it.

          • Thrawn says:

            In other words, there have been mediocre QBs that managed a playoff win or two in their careers. It didn’t make them good. It just means they somehow got into the playoffs, (in our case, the AFC West was the AFC West and the other 3 teams seemed to have an alergic reaction to winning the division) and I’m sure you know the old saying about “Any given Sunday…”

            Before I consider Tebow a good QB, I need to see more, a LOT more. But that is up to him to get on the field for that.

            And I said nothing about Tebow being unworthy of being in the NFL as one said above.

          • The Mascot Army says:

            are you saying the defense was impressive that Steelers game? and how about Tebow in the Vikings game? or the Texans game? Tebow had more good games than bad, and he has shown plenty of potential, and that was the worst he’ll ever be until he turns maybe 35+, on a team that didn’t know how to use him.
            I’m just glad you have come around to finally admitting he belongs in the nfl as a qb. don’t tell your friends though, they’ll call you a Jesus freak.

  3. jason says:

    Now passing yards are passing yards. Plenty of QBs throw 15 and it turns into 50, 60, 70 or 80. We have to judge all QBs on the same scale.
    YPC is the most misleading stat there is. if you comp less than the stat is up which why GMs and coaches don’t look at stats, they look at skill set. How well did you handle the postition from start to finish of a game which gets to comebacks. If you lead the league in 3 and outs then a come from behind is like setting your house on fire and putting it out and thinking yourself a hero.
    Its why tim needs time to sit and learn. His broncos season end 1of 5 which is 1 more loss than orton had before tebow got his shot.
    Stats are always the fan and media side of things. He has talent but its not at the level yet it has to be in the eyes of the only people that matter when it comes to a starting job at QB.
    Will tim do what’s needed to be a starter oneday is the only question or stat that matters?

  4. jason says:

    I hope he does but its as always a wait and see game in the NFL.

  5. Bob Segret says:

    No one tried to compare college to the pros . but , being consistent means by doing your job regardless where your playing .so far in his pro carrer Tim Tebow has done exactly that .

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