For Tebow’s Sake! It’s Time To Start Firing Some People

BY: SportsBabe Brandi

NFL.Com’s Ian Rappaport says there’s not been much buzz surrounding a Trade for Tim Tebow. Across NFL Media there’s been an assumption that Tim brings too much of a “Circus Atmosphere” for Teams to want to mess with it.

I have a different take. I think it’s time for NFL Owners to start acting like Owners and start firing some people. Listen Guys, you listened to your In-House Experts for years and now they’ve led you into the Lion’s Court Room where your old employees are trying to take your toys away from you. If you’re going to continue to act like whiny little girls, maybe they should. If I hear one more NFL Owner crying the nasally blues about…What’s he supposed to do? He’s only the Owner…I’m going to climb off the fence and say it’s time for Tim Tebow to go to the USFL and let’s see if there’ll be enough Customers to kick some NFL Marketing Tail.

Oh, but the NFL is the juggernaut. Except that’s just a wee bit over-blown. The fact is, it’s less popular today than it was in the 80s. But much of that has been masked by population growth. Of course, the same Fantasy Dudelettes who can’t do the simple math to recognize that some of the NFL Offenses of the 60s were actually more potent and effective than Today’s supposedly High Flying Acts, who’d expect them to recognize that a shrinking portion of a growing group is known as declining popularity.

But this is the National Football League, right? They’re now jumping back across the Pond to kick some Euro-Soccer Trash. Well, that’s the hope…as they are seen to be ignoring the only Player in the league that anyone outside of the US gives a Tebowing about. The NFL tooted their horn that a “Billion People” were going to watch the Super Bowl. Well that number turned out to be just a tad off. As it turned out, while it was available to a Billion who simply had to turn their TVs on, only 2 Million actually watched outside of the US and most of those were Americans abroad. The NFL immediately disbanded the failed NFL Europe.

Now 58% of Parents, according to a report from the Conference on Concussions in Sports at Villanova, won’t let their kids Play Football. And that was before yesterday’s start to the Concussion Lawsuits against those vile “Violence” mongers of the NFL. Meanwhile Europeans and much of the rest of the world consider it to be a League of Pussies.

Maybe they’ve just been watching the NFL Owners.

It’s not likely all of these Teams are suffering from Timphobia. But, if they are, and the Owners do nothing about it, let’s see what happens. I think the NFL is running off a cliff here. But lately it seems they’re getting good at that. They can’t even find anyone to proofread a CBA before they approve it to see if they’ve agreed to terms that let them put decent Football on the Field. Even then, it took some of the Franchises over a year to realize how thoroughly screwed the Practice Restrictions in the CBA makes them. Any League that utterly incompetent probably deserves a few lumps.

$9 Billion doesn’t buy the fans much any more. But that’s OK. The League doesn’t give a damn about the Fans anyway. So it all washes out.
..SportsBabe Brandi

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4 Responses to “For Tebow’s Sake! It’s Time To Start Firing Some People”

  1. jason says:

    Brandi I respect you but you know good and well that lesser leagues won’t come close to the NFL. You know this plain and simple. Its clear you have an agenda and have no concern for the league itself if they don’t ofcourse do exactly what you want them to do.
    Parents are role models not athletes though I know many of the unamericans will start their post of not understanding our nation at all.
    If tebow is completely done or plays for years to come the league will grow.
    I was about to defend you from OMG and I still would but you’re smart enough to know better about the league. Come on brandi put your feelings and emotions out of it and see it for what it is.

    • Brandi says:

      I’m not looking for a League to “come close to the NFL”. I’m looking for the NFL to begin becoming more Fan Friendly. But don’t be convinced a new League couldn’t be competitive. That was the exact attitude the NFL had about those upstarts of the AFL. The NFL Owners were told by all of their experts to keep fighting and they’d die off and go away. A few of the owners were smart enough to realize that wasn’t necessarily true and, if it was, it would come at too large a cost. So they bucked their own advisers and what we got is the current merged NFL.

      As for the NFL will continue to grow…that’s not at all an assumption to make. Shad Khan just admitted what’s been obvious for a few years…the NFL has saturated the US Market and it’s only hope for growth is International. They failed miserably in their first attempt at that. Now they’re taking a different run at it. But the League has a huge mountain to climb there to get acceptance. The very attitude you just espoused got the League run out of Europe, told to leave by China and waiting for years for a chance to try to get back into Los Angeles.

      NOW, they need some realism. And they need to begin listening to the Fans. JMO.

  2. SB says:

    Brandi, please stop writing about Tebow. As a passionate and diehard Tebow fan, you make me cringe. Your posts are just rants that usually make no sense and sound like the they’re from the perspective of a teenager.

    I usually do not post negative things like this online like so many people seem to love to do, but I felt compelled to do so here. Your posts are hurting Tebow instead of helping him.

    Buzzy Says I liked the post SB you can blame me for the post and report it to

    • Brandi says:

      I thought even from just the title, it was pretty clear this was intended to be a “rant”. But as for what I write, some people like; some don’t. But I have nothing to do with this forum other than as an occasional commenter. If you don’t want any of my articles here, I’m not the one to talk to…sorry.

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