1st Day of Rest of NFL’s Life?

By:SportsBabe Brandi

This could be a big week for the National Football League. One way or another, it’s almost certain to be the end of the NFL we’ve all known and the beginning of one we may learn to really dislike. The biggest question is…when will we know this.

The bell rings on Round One of NFL Fact & Fiction: Fortune Hunters Edition.

I’ve joked that Roger Goodell has sounded lately like he was lobbying for a Cabinet Post as Head of Health and Human Services much more than the Commissioner of a Major Professional Sports League. Among other things, the NFL appears to be planning on putting the “Science of the Brain” on Trial. That may be one they’re keeping close for the 2nd Half. Their plan on the Opening Kick-Off looks like it’ll be an Onside Kick.

The League looks poised to challenge the validity of Ex-Players being of a Class which can sue it over matters the NFL says are confined to Labor Law. That is…there’s a Collective Bargaining Agreement. Anytime such an agreement exists, it super-cedes most litigation of this type. This week could end up being legal jockeying and nothing else.

But it’s going to begin making serious news. Considering this is the first of an expected explosion of lawsuits that will change the landscape of almost all Sports, at every level, in this Country, it can’t help but start occupying a few news cycles. As gut-twistingly boring as all of the legalese in all of this is, it’ll be somewhat of a saving grace. For awhile. So long as it’s the Lawyers filing papers back and forth, we’re not going to have much of the juicy stuff that everyone can understand. So the Media can only take this so far before they risk the Audiences fogging over with glazed eyeballs.

But eventually, we are going to get to the stories and the heartaches and the name-calling. And Football as we’ve known it will forever be changed to the point of being unrecognizable. Then will come many of the other Sports. Forget Youth Leagues. Even Soccer Kids will have a two-step rule of some kind. You must stay two steps away from another Player…No Touching now. And definitely no heading the Ball. Can we say “Charging Foul” for Kids’ Soccer. Tackle Football below High School Varsity will be gone. Freshmen will likely be precluded from Playing Varsity Football. And I don’t even want to begin to try to imagine the various “Safety” Rules we’re about to get.

That is, if any Parents will even let their Kids Play.

Write the number $10 Billion down and put it someplace safe. You’ll be pulling it out in a couple years.

That is probably the best guestimate of what the NFL will finally end up paying in these Lawsuits. It’ll be spread out in Payments. So, if it doesn’t exceed that number by much…AND, either via Legislation, Court Order or Insurance Company Requirement we don’t end up with such draconian restrictions on Play that there’s no point in even bothering suiting up…the NFL will survive this. It’ll wipe out half the innate value of an NFL Franchise; currently valued at just over $600 Million. There will be some changes in Owners. That is inevitable. Some of these guys will go. Some will have no choice, Financially. But there would still be a League.

Now, will it be so much like Touch Football that nobody will care that it survived? That I’m not prepared to hazard a guess.

Whether we see fireworks this week or just a little smoke (and a few mirrors), this is the week when Football as we’ve known it will begin to change.
..SportsBabe Brandi

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2 Responses to “1st Day of Rest of NFL’s Life?”

  1. ck says:

    Brandi: It certainly needs something to change b/c it needs to clean up its dishonest practices; especially in regards to rogue coaches/etc. using the NFL for their personal vendettas against players who don’t deserve their brand of dysfunctionalism!!!

    • Brandi says:

      Football is odd. Starting with Two-a-Days and sometimes even Three-a-Days. For generations, it begins with a Boot Camp Mentality. Coach tells you to Run, you Run. Coach tells you to get up off the ground even if you’re ready to pass out, you get up off the ground. Even if it means you pass out. Coach tells you to eat your own vomit, you eat your own vomit.

      Anybody think perhaps Coach can easily get his head into a really strange place?

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