USFL For Tebow?

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By SportsBabe Brandi

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  1. The Mascot Army says:

    Kolb to Buffalo. 1 down, ? to go…

    • Brandi says:

      Buffalo was the one place the Jets could not afford to allow there to be any chance of Tebow ending up there. Even the Patriots would be no big deal. What’s he going to do? Help them Win the AFC East? They always do anyway. But leading the Bills to the Playoffs while the Jets languish would be the last straw for what few Jets Fans haven’t already had it with the bumbling Organization.

      So WhoKnows? Perhaps if the Jets have any plans on releasing Tim, now’s the time. I still think it’s a coin toss between his staying with the jets or ending up in Arizona.

  2. Brandi says:

    There’s a rumor going around this morning that the 49ers have made an offer for Tim Tebow.

    .@nickcorke @maioccocsn @adamschefter The report we are all hearing is that it ‘s a 6th round pick for Tebow. #49ers get back up #AFD— Vincent Frank (@VincentFrankNFL) April 1, 2013

    Buzzy Says:Clevland also in the mix

    • tawk2 says:

      Brandi and Buzzy hope these rumors are not just April fools pranks. If Tim goes to the 49’ers he probably will never see the field behind Kapernick, Haurbaugh is totally sold on Kap.

  3. The Mascot Army says:

    Arizona would be great. What is your take on Arizona and Palmer, and Stanton? And what do you know about Arian as far as his system and his willingness to buck conventional wisdom?

  4. Thrawn says:

    Brandi, it looks like there might be an opportunity with the USFL to test your theory on whether Tebow’s popularity can carry the league or not.

    If Tebow goes to the USFL, and they start to surpass the NFL in some aspects by the end of his career, I’d have to take my hat off to you for calling it, because up until now, I’ve always considered your “popularity” argument for Tebow starting as something like the “two and a half men defense.” Where popularity somehow = Quality.

    Never really bought into the sky is falling on the NFL for refusing to force Tebow down the throat of some team. But the curious scientist in me sort of wants to see how that would play out with the USFL.

    We’ve seen popular players revolutionize a sport before. We all know about Michael Jordan and his role in popularizing the NBA, and we’ve seen the role Wayne Gretzky played in generating interrest in the United States for the NHL when back in the 80s, few seemed to know the sport existed.

    Look what Tiger Woods did for PGA. There are golfers today praising him for their paychecks and what he did for Golf.

    Only trouble I see with Tebow being that “next one” is that all those guys were seen as guys at the top of the food chain as far as their sports go. They were the best at what they did on the field/ice/court/golf course. Few seem to be mistaking Tebow for one of those. In fact, the debate still never seemed to move from whether or not he is even a QB, let alone a great one. He’s about to start his 4th season and his future is uncertain as it is.

    So I ask, can his popularity alone for being a nice guy and all that really carry a league. I’m still thinking it won’t be enough, and decisions are made depending on if teams think he can win championships for them. THAT will bring more revenue to the team than inheriting a college fanbase or jersey sales were.

    Besides, sports fans in general have a pretty short attention span. A lot of this Tebowmania seems to have died down a lot compared to what it was a year ago. Maybe a year on the Jets will do that.

    • Brandi says:

      I’ve held one position since long before Tim Tebow came onto the NFL scene. The Wisdom of the Masses Trumps the supposed Knowledge of the Experts. This is particularly true with Professional Sports which are all built or collapse on Popularity.

      Tim Tebow’s support among average Fans is holding strong. Why wouldn’t it? The last time he was actually able to Play he pulled of the improbable in “Miraculous” fashion. There will be no Expert Witness testimony that will convince the Fans he doesn’t belong absent his failure to perform on the Field.

      The problem with the NFL is, they’ve largely been able to run roughshod over their own errors using their own Popularity. They screwed up royally with Los Angeles. They still have other cities. They got run across Europe and finally chased off the Continent. No worries. They’re still Popular at Home.

      Now the League is at a huge cross-roads. In a couple weeks, the first round of stages for the Lawsuits takes place. No matter how that goes, the NFL will come out on the short end. According to a Conference on Safety in Football at Villanova a couple weeks ago, 58% of parents now refuse to let their kids Play Football. I ran a poll among over 3000 Football Coaches from Youth programs through High School & College and over half said the declining numbers of kids going out for Football has already had an impact on the quality of the Teams they can put on the Field. Now the NCAA is facing a Class-Action Lawsuit that will affect every University Athletic Department in the Country. Even those who don’t have Football programs, as it’s for all contact Sports and even Cheerleaders.

      The NFL is going to face a Player shortage in a few years and they’ll likely have to rely on that same International Market that keeps telling them “Go Away” not just for Growth; but quite likely, for Players as well. Hard to build a Player Pipeline when nobody in those countries even wants the Sport.

      Listening to their own In-House “Experts” is largely what got the NFL in these situations in the 1st place. They’ve been down this road before in the late-60s when the AFL was beginning to cut deep into the NFL. Their own “Experts” kept saying..Fight it out. But enough of the Owners got together and decided those Guys were Idiots with no real skin in the Game. I think the Owners are about at that point now. And most of those I’ve talked to who cover the League feel the same way.

      There’s going to be an “Owner’s Revolt”. It’s just a question of how soon. And what it looks like. But they’re getting close to telling their In-House “Experts” who still have no skin in the Game to shove it just like they did back then…when they’re doing that created Today’s Merged NFL…against the advice of those “Experts”.

    • jason says:

      There is zero chance of the USFL passing he NFL in any way, shape or form. Tebow is popular but the NFL is so far beyond the popuality of any player its just silly to even bring the comparison up. With or without tebow l’ll bet whatever I have the NFL still grows regaurdless.
      they are “open for business” only 10% of what MLB is and make more money. They won’t suffer at all no matter what happens to any 1 player. I’m don’t mean to sound mean at all but its clearly not knowing the business of the NFL to think any player will slow their roll. Won’t happen at all.

  5. BuzzyBuzzard says:


    Niners Nation ‏@NinersNation 1h Happy April Fools’ Day! Be wary of #49ers rumors today

  6. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    Thrawn you dont think T2 help Denver and the Jets Tv Ratings and Jax sold out the seats for the Jags Jet Game the Denver/ Steelers game was TV play off rating record + the standing Tweet record after the T2 to DT TD in OT
    I think the trade rumors might be April fool Jokes as I dont thimk the cat will get out of the bag untill its a done deal

    • Thrawn says:

      I don’t think it made that much of a difference in the ratings, no. The Broncos have always had national appeal, which is why they usually get one or two Monday night games and at least one prime time game on Sundays.

      They might have sold a few tickets to those that wanted to get a glimpse of Tebow, but the Broncos are not a team that struggled to sell tickets. In the end, they decided Tebow was someone they could live without. They brought in Manning, and the national interrest in the team hasn’t been higher in a long time. A team that is a serious threat for a Superbowl trumps marketing a player people genuinely like.

      The Jets are always competing for headlines against New York much in the same way Bart Simpson is always causing trouble when his sister Lisa is the one getting the good grades and the positive attention. The Jets are basically Bart Simpson. Now that their latest prank is over, they will move on.

      I would have thought a team like Jacksonville could have used him to draw interrest, but some teams seem to be thinking the extra attention isn’t always a good thing.

      Buzzy Says: the Jets and the Bears was some of the best TV ratings the Broncos ever Had As for PM time will tell Ithink it will Flop

  7. ck says:

    Buzzy: I’m with you…we will see what is around that corner, sooner rather than later on the $90 million dollar F-L-0-P!!!
    Even Bowlen can’t afford that…can you say bankrupt thanks to Elrot!!

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