Tim Tebow: Why Would the Orlando Predators Want Him as Quarterback?

Sorry, Tim-The guys from “NFL GameDay Morning” want to apologize to Tim Tebow for not believing he could make it this far.

By Craig Moir

Tim Tebow has been the hottest debate on the planet, at least when it comes to the NFL. With his unorthodox throwing motion and his uncanny inaccuracy, it is amazing that just two seasons ago he led the Denver Broncos to a playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now, on the cusp of possibly being released by the New York Jets, Tebow may have to find a new home in order to progress his craft: the Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League.

That’s right, the Arena Football League. Predators owner Brett Bouchy told Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel:

“Tim would certainly want to first exhaust his opportunities in the NFL, but we’d love to have him. I think he would definitely improve as a quarterback in our league. Kurt Warner told me once that when he got back to the NFL after playing in the Arena League, the NFL game was like slow motion. Everything in the Arena League is just so much faster and quicker and predicated on accuracy. Whenever Tim is willing, we have a contract waiting for him to sign.”

There is no doubt that Tebow has been a winner his whole life, at every level. But that does not necessarily translate into a surefire NFL career, and he has certainly learned that the hard way. The AFL is a fast-paced game that requires accuracy from its quarterbacks and that is one tangible that Tebow seems to lack.

If you buy into the fact that Tebow alone led the Broncos to the playoffs and a win against the Steelers, you would be sorely mistaken.

The Denver defense was incredible that year, recording 52 sacks, 16 interceptions and forcing 20 fumbles. They kept their team in games late, which allowed Tebow and kicker Matt Prater the opportunity to seal it at the end.

Yes, Prater had four game-winning field goals in 2011, which is usually pushed aside when talking about the Tebow phenomenon. The Broncos were 8-8 that season, and if it weren’t for the San Diego Chargers’ and Kansas City Chiefs’ ineptitude, they would not have even made the postseason.

Do You Think Predators’ Owner Brett Bouchy is Crazy for Wanting Tebow?
No, Tebow would be a good QB in the Arena League 43.7%
Yes, all Bouchy wants to do is sell seats 23.0%
No, Tebow could learn a lot from the quickness of the Arena League 24.1%
Yes, Bouchy has no idea just what he is getting into 9.2%
Total votes: 87

This past year, Tebow could not even unseat a struggling Mark Sanchez for a starting spot. Let me repeat that. Tebow could not unseat a quarterback whose biggest highlight of the year was a butt-fumble. Even his teammates could not grasp the fact of how anyone would believe that Tebow will ever be an NFL quarterback.

So I will ask this question once. Why would the Predators be interested in Tebow?

The answer is simply to sell seats. It can not possibly be for the fact that Bouchy believes he will become a better quarterback, a la Kurt Warner. At least Warner had basic throwing skills before mastering them in the AFL.

Tebow has no such skills. He had a 46.5 percent completion rate in 2011, with six interceptions and seven fumbles as a starter. That is one more turnover than touchdowns. If he could not start for a dysfunctional team such as the Jets, then he will never make it in the NFL, or even the AFL for that matter.

The Jets have announced that they have brought in quarterback David Garrard to battle for a job with Sanchez. This all but leaves the writing on the wall for Tebow. They could not find an NFL suitor for him at the combine, and they will not find one for him now. Maybe Tebow would be better off taking his shot in the AFL with the Predators. One thing we will all realize if that happens: once Tebow leaves the NFL, he will never step through those doors again.
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17 Responses to “Tim Tebow: Why Would the Orlando Predators Want Him as Quarterback?”

  1. tebow needs to be in the N.F.L.

  2. jason says:

    I want tebow to make it in the NFL but his skill set at reading coverage, basic awareness, pocket patience, stop the tuck & run the moment trouble starts and a few other things then he should be ok.
    Wilson, kap and RG3 do run read option they also have very good ability when play call or pressure keeps them in the pocket. That’s what tebow has to learn or he sadly will not make it and at practise and camp is where he has to show it.
    I just wish he’d really work on those things and throw the world away for this offseason but he won’t so he has himself to blame on this. Why he can’t get the way of the NFL down I don’t know but I wish he would.

  3. The Mascot Army says:

    Every point in here has been dispelled convincingly. It is embarrassing that these old points are still being thrown around as opinion news.

    • jason says:

      My points or the article?…………if it’s mine they have not in the eyes of the GMs and coaches in the NFL and because for him to have an NFL career at starting QB those are the only ones that matter.
      Remember that it doesn’t matter how any of us feel about tebow’s skill set unless we can put him in for that job.

  4. Harry Apol says:

    When you have the PROVEN character of a liar, and the dubius, socially experimental, personal life style of Coach Ryan,why would you want a man of Character and Morals of Tim Tebow to be QB, when you have Sanchez?
    When in doubt -> do some google searches for the TRUTH!

    • jason says:

      Rex is at best a complete **** up. Truth and fact though are very different things. It was truth that the earth was the center of the universe but it was not fact.
      Fact is that many many many folks in the NFL see tebow as not having nor doing what a player that wants to be QB should do nor does he have the skill set as they want it to be.

      We can love, complain, think, view, feel or whatever about what tebow can do but the only people that matter about a viewpoint for him getting a job is the folks in the NFL. This is no different than anyone with a kid that wants to do something, parents that think he can and reality of things saying he can’t.

      I always believed in myself about being a business owner but fact is that if someone else didn’t believe in me it really didn’t matter how anyone else thought, felt or believed about me. With business its the customers a businessman owes EVERYTHING to. The NFL will grow nexy year if tebow plays or not. That has everything about business backing it up. The projection has it to intotal produce more revenue with or without any player.

      Hopefully tebow gets a shot but he has to prove to the only people that matter that he should have one and doing speaking tours proves nothing to anyone in the NFL as far as skill set goes. I know many people take issue with that much as they do about NFL players aren’t role models. If they were role models the combine would be completely different. Contracts do have a morality cluas but nothing in it requires anyone be a role model.

      Yes everyone can complain about that and make themselves feel better if a player fails out of the NFL but facts are facts about it and the worst thing to me. This part is my belief. If you fail at something blame no one but yourself for not being able to do what is asked, required and/or expected of you. Nothing else gives arguement to any private business why you aren’t wanted.

      • Brandi says:

        I disagree with you Jason. The ONLY ones whose opinion really matters is the Fans. The Leagues go out of their way to try to convince the Fans that they’re thinking of them. If the Fans don’t believe them, it doesn’t matter what those others say, think or anything else.

        It may take awhile. But the Fans WILL get what they want eventually. It’s when the Fans get wishy-washy that the leagues begin to go batty.

        Albert Spalding said this first over 100 years ago. Bud Selig said it under Oath to Congress. It’s the same story across every Professional League. They tacitly acknowledge the Power the fans have by their PR efforts and their expressions of frustration. I’ve said for months, The NFL doesn’t know what Tebow Fans are worth to them and that’s because Tim’s Fans have been all over the map on it.

        Is the Value of him being in the League a big across the board bump? Or is it more limited? If he isn’t in the League, what does it cost the NFL? There’s an Opportunity Lost Cost. That much is fairly well known. All of those Cross-Over Tebow Fans not gotten. But is there a Loss of existing Fan Support? I’ve looked about as closely at this as anybody and I can’t give anything like a solid answer. I don’t think the NFL can either.

        He’s the Most Popular Player in the League and no pro league has EVER run such off. I doubt this will be the first time. But I’m not certain there’s not a group of Tim’s Fans that would rather see him out of the League and become their Martyr than they would like to see him succeed.

        It’s these sort of dichotomies that make it difficult to understand what the NFL has to Gain or Lose. If solid numbers can be attained, it could have a big impact on his future in the League.

  5. jason says:

    Brandi if tebow is done from the NFL how much will you bet its total revenue goes down?

    It won’t. Its cut and dry. You think that the whole nation will leave the NFL if tebow gets kicked out but they won’t. You should know this. You should know that the vast majority cares about the product that will be on the field not just one player. You know that good and well so don’t act like you don’t.

    Yes tebow making it would be great but it won’t harm the long term product of the NFL as it will grow next year tebow or not. You know this. I’ve read your posts and you know the NFL and should clearly know the business side of it. With kap, wilson, rg3 and as always the top QBs suck as brady, manning, rodgers, brees it won’t matter long term if tebow makes it or not.

    I hope he does but the idea that the NFL will be harmed if he doesn’t is silly at best.

    • Brandi says:

      Scuse Me! Jason, I said I don’t know what negative effect there’d be. And I don’t think the NFL does either. I do know they believe there’s some. But the biggest issue is potential growth and, in particular International.

      • jason says:

        Sorry that did come out a little mean by me. Didn’t intend it that way at all. Sorry bout that.

      • Thrawn says:

        I kind of agree with Jason though. Some of your articles leave me with the impression that you think the NFL will take some massive hit and mass exodus of fans if Tebow gets the boot from the league.

        I think the negative affect will be minimal. In fact, I think much of the NFL fanbase has already accepted it as a reality. Even most major media outlets have stopped giving him the 24/7 coverage that he got a couple years ago.

        The NFL was a 9 billion dollar industry long before Tebow was in the NFL. It will do just fine without him. He is a VERY popular player, but that alone isn’t going to get him a job. No coach wants to be force fed the pop-culture phenominon. That is sort of the “two and a half men” defense… where popularity somehow equals quality. He might be the center of the universe for the media, but the NFL itself acts as if it could live without him. They aren’t interrested in making Tebow a success story and that should have been clear a long time ago.

        Best thing for Tebow if he wants to remain in the NFL and have that exposure he and his fanbase really enjoys, is to identify his biggest weaknesses and fix them. The biggest criticisms out there is his throwing and him being a terrible practice player. I get it. Sundays are what matters, and practice doesn’t. However, THAT is what has been holding him back. If you don’t have the confidence of the coaches, you don’t play. Simple as that. That goes for 100% of the league.

  6. jason says:

    I’m fine either way he makes it or not. I’d like for him to but my alliegence is to the NFL not any player.

    • Thrawn says:

      That is where I think most NFL fans are. Tebow’s popularity seems to be coming from more outside of NFL fanbases than inside it. His popularity is good for adding more curiosity and interrest, but that is about it. This phenominon worked for the PGA. There was very little interrest until Tiger Woods came along, who was as much a media creation as he was good.

      Seems something similar is/was being attempted with Tim Tebow. Except his skillset hasn’t been demonstrated to match all that euphoria of having Tebow in the league.

      No coach wants to be force fed Tim Tebow. I’m sure Brandi is correct that the guys running the league want Tebow in it, and find the league more interresting with him in it. However, teams seem to be avoiding him. I made this analogy before, but it is kind of like the “Not in my back yard” mentality. Everyone in the neighborhood recognizes a major circus is needed in town, but nobody wants all that racket, mess, smell of the animals, and the bearded lady in their own back yard.

      Seems to be Tebow’s biggest problem in the search for a new home.

      • jason says:

        If I were coach, GM or owner of a team i’d take him as backup to learn the skill set I want done and the biggie would be he tells his fan base and the media off. If not no deal. No coach wants to hear 20 questions about the backup QB everytime they speak. Tebow could fix that but he won’t do it. Its a choice which is why I say tebow has only himself to blame for where he is in the NFL. I know most people don’t and won’t see things that way ever but its cut and dry to me.
        You do what must be done. If it means telling people off, telling mom not to call for 4 months, telling the media to F off in the exact words or whatever that’s legal you do it if you really are serious about what a person says their dream is.
        Due to how he is and the nature of the NFL I doubt he’ll make it. It takes a lot of true sacrfice at times to make it in the NFL and that sometimes is what means most to you. Tebow will never do that but as I stand by its always on a person if they don’t achieve something.

  7. The Mascot Army says:

    I know this for a fact, the NFL is a more interesting place with Tebow, particularly when he is playing, for both people who like and dislike him.

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