Tim Tebow as a Bill Would Buffalo the NY Jets

BY:SportsBabe Brandi

The NY Jets held their annual conference call with Season Ticket Holders. One Beat Reporter snidely said likely their last. If the Jets don’t get it right, that little side joke might not be far off. The Jets are well past being in trouble as a team. The Franchise itself is in deep trouble. If PSL Holders carry through with their threats, and I’ve seen nothing from them that indicates they won’t, it’s going to get downright nasty. It’s a hundred million dollar problem that does the dirty to the whole financing structure for MetLife Stadium and potentially ripples over to other similarly funded stadiums.

Rex Ryan and John Idzik didn’t say too much. What could they really say. But what they didn’t say has much of the NFL Media World spinning. They didn’t say they’re getting rid of Tim Tebow. How could they not say that? After the NFL Media has been saying for a couple months that’s exactly what they’re going to do? Never mind the Jets themselves never said they were parting ways with Tebow. What they did was see if there was a deal out there. As they did that, the Broncos Execs countered with “You Idiots! Tim’s Got Game! What kinda moron operation are you running over there?”

Actually, that’s what some within the Jets and almost everybody within the League Offices have been saying. What a bunch of idiots! Jets Fans are saying almost in unison. What a bunch of idiots! The only people NOT saying that are Rex Ryan and anyone stupid enough to believe that Rex is a fully grown adult.

Will the Jets keep Tebow? He asked to get out. They said they’d let him out. Then they had second thoughts. They should have second thoughts. Because the first thought could spell the biggest disaster of all. Tim Tebow becoming a Buffalo Bill.

When Draft Day came around, the Bills were most people’s pick of where he’d likely end up. Jim Kelly has spent time with Tim and likes what he’s seen. Now everyone’s seen what the Broncos have been telling them….at the Combines; and continuing. You’re going to Win Games with Tim Tebow as your Quarterback.

Football Nation’s Cold Hard Football Facts QBR formula is the most accurate of any out there. It’s the only Quarterback Rating System specifically designed to calculate a QB’s Performance as it relates to what actually Wins Football Games. And it’s right about 9 times out of 10. Compare it to any other out there which are close to 50-50. There’s no comparison in predicting Wins and Losses from based on the production of the QB.

FBNation’s assertion that the Jets would have been a Playoff team with Tebow at QB AND that every team that fired a Head Coach or General Manager would have done better had Tebow been their Quarterback prompted me to check more closely.

They’re right about the Jets. I went through all of the Arizona Cardinals Games and they would have been a Playoff Team with Tim Tebow as their Quarterback.

And I’ve gone through the Doomsday Scenario for the New York Jets. Using CHFF’s Formula and going through every Buffalo Bills Game last Season, they would have been a 10-6 or 11-5 Team. Right at the cusp or in the Playoffs. It’s all speculation, of course. But the approach they use is by far the most accurate speculation in Football. In fact, compared to it, everything else is a pure guess.

The Doomsday Scenario for the Jets would be a Tebow-Led Bills Team going to the Playoffs while Gang Green languishes in the cellar. And it looks like a Tebow Quarterbacked Bills Team would likely be a Playoff Team. Just like a Tebow-led Jets team would be.

The Broncos are right. Tebow’s Fans are right. That overwhelming number of Jets Fans who still poll dominately favoring Timmy & the Jets are right. Football Nation is right. Tebow Fans are right.

It’s those who say he can’t play who are wrong. They clearly think if they say it enough times that someone will start believing them. But poll after poll has been very clear. The vast majority of Football Fans don’t believe the ‘doubters’. They want Tim Tebow. The thing is…they’re right. And not just because the “Customer is never wrong”.

They’re actually right. I don’t know if Tim Tebow will have the same success in the NFL that he had in College. That’s an extremely tough act to follow up. I don’t know if he’ll take a Team to the Super Bowl. Jon Gruden says he will. Jim Kelly has said he will.

But I’m quit certain that almost any NFL Team is an instant Playoff Contender with Tebow behind Center. And the numbers back that up. So do the Broncos. Maybe the Jets have listened. Maybe they’ll allow Rex to Bankrupt the Franchise. They let him Bankrupt the Team…in Performance and in Character.

But I expect that somebody with veto power in the Jets Organization realizes that no matter what they want to do, they cannot run the risk of letting Tim Tebow put on a Buffalo Bills jersey.
..SportsBabe Brandi

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7 Responses to “Tim Tebow as a Bill Would Buffalo the NY Jets”

  1. Sage says:

    Bet on Tebow. He is one of the rare, exceptionally motivated people who aren’t satisfied, won’t even contemplate, anything less than the goal.

    In a game, the goal is touchdowns, and Tebow scores those at an amazing clip. In a career, the goal is SB wins, and when he is allowed to the field as a starting QB with a supportive club, I’d bet good money he will win three SBs.

  2. The Mascot Army says:

    I really like this article, nice job.

  3. ck says:

    Sage and The Mascot Army have it right and I agree that T2 is going to be a force to be reckoned with due to his love of proving all the negative naysayers ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!! AS THEY SAY: WOULDN’T BET AGAINST HIM!”
    GO TEBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. The Mascot Army says:

    Like predicting he wouldnt be taken in the first round, win an nfl game, pass for over 300 yards, isnt fast enough for nfl speedy linebackers, couldnt win a shootout, would get killed by the steelers in the playoffs, orton and sanchez give the best chance to win, and the spread/read option cant work in the nfl…oh wait, that was your team.

    Why does anybody listen to any of you guys again? Oh yeah sparano and hoge agree with you, nevermind, i remembered.

  6. Coach Steve Franchella says:

    Bills would be crazy not to sign Tim T
    As a coach I’ll take twenty two Tim’s
    Give you Super bowl

    Coach Steve

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