Tebow’s magic (Entertainment)

Tebow’s magic

Tim Tebow lead the Broncos to a comeback victory vs. the Jets on Thursday night. Can he use his powers to take Denver to the playoffs? Find out. It Just did not work out as the play was just fine but PM came along .

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  1. tisa says:

    Ryan is saying that Timmy will be with the Jets into minicamp and given the opportunity to compete for the starting QB positon that “somebody needs to take”. I guess, in Ryan speak, that probably means that Timmy will be gone this afternoon! Don’t believe a word that man says! If true, I hope it is fair and that Timmy is ready. Ryan also says that Sanchez is the starter until “the first snap of minicamp”.

  2. Thrawn says:

    If it comes down to a competition with Sanchez and Garrard, then I think Tebow is screwed. Tebow might be one of the worst practice players out there, and unfortunately, that is where most of the determination is going to be. John Fox had that decision made less than a week into the “competition” in favor of Orton.

    The Jets still have plenty invested in Sanchez, and Garrard is one of those I believe was hampered by being in Jacksonville. Always thought he was a bit underrated.

    They won’t wait until the end of preseason because they have to get the rest of the team on the same page for regular season and that simply won’t happen if it is still a three way race in week 4 of preseason.

  3. The Mascot Army says:

    I forget who posted it here, but I buy the theory that the Jets plan to hold onto Tebow (barring a trade offer) until they are sure he wont have an impact this season for another team.
    Buzzy Says : you hit the nail on the head.

    • Thrawn says:

      I guess…

      I was thinking they really thought someone would be interrested in him as a marketing gimmick. I think that was the real reason the Jets wanted him to begin with. He was there lie a week or two before they moved him to punt protector. Having your backup QB playing special teams like that? WHO DOES THAT!?!?!?

      I’ve seen them used to hold for field goals before, but that isn’t the same thing.

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