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tawk2 says:

March 29, 2013 at 2:17 pm (Edit)

I found these comments at another article about Tebow, the poster seemed to make a lot of great points. I did not write this I am just posting it here.

I just found this on another site (Bleacherreport.com) and I suggest you all read it and take it for what it may (or may not) be worth. There is so much crap floating around in the media and on various sites regarding Tim Tebow that I think this has as much of a chance of being THE TRUTH as any…

@Jeff: The writer of this piece loses all integrity and risks people taking his work seriously by printing misleading or false info like “Tebow is done in New York”. This simply is not true. I have my own reliable sources, thank you very much, so let me give you some facts.

1) The new OC Marty Mornhinweg quite likes and respects Tim Tebow. Tim is a hero of sorts of MMs son, Skyler, currently the backup to starting quarterback Jeff Driskel for the Florida Gators

Tim Tebow was instrumental in 2010 in wooing Skyler to Florida, and away from Penn State who was recruiting him heavily. Urban Meyer is close with both MM and John Idzik, so you can be sure that Mr. Meyer is encouraging both MM and Idzik to rethink the whole “Tebow Experiment” at the NYJs and urging them that it can, and likely will, work with the right components in place. Expect the unexpected on this front.

2) The Distraction Issue: This is one of the many blown way out of proportion issues surrounding Tim Tebow. I can assure you that reports that there is animosity in the Jet’s lockerroom regarding Tebow and his teammates is simply not true. It could be argued that Tim Tebow is one of the most liked players on the team. He is known to be the first player to go to another player who may be struggling or down and lift his spirits with his infectious and genuine positive attitude (this is known as “the other kind of Tebowing”). Also, a vast majority of the players on the Jets, believe it or not, are quite spiritual. If anything, Tim Tebow’s faith is something that bonds him with many on the team. The whole “distraction” argument is overblown.

3) The Media and The Jets: One of John Idzik’s pet peeves is unnecessary media interaction with the players, and he has made some major changes in this area of which I am sure you will be hearing about via disgruntled Jet beat reporters who will come face to face with a wall where their access to Jets players is concerned. Any and all media contact must now be “approved by management” (as it should be). Do you think that it was any accident that not only was Tim Tebow’s scheduled appearance at a controversial Dallas mega-church abruptly cancelled, but his recent weekend appearance at Trinity allowed absolutely no interviews or access of any kind to Tebow?


Expect this to be a major bone of contention among the media in the months to come, and look for John Idzik to be calling out journalists and others who report completely false information obtained from sources who are not named.

I am sorry I cannot get a bit more specific here, but suffice to say that much of what you are reading in the press, especially where Mr. Tebow is concerned, is not to be taken all that seriously.

Now, to the original topic of Adam Waksman’s piece, I am betting on the NY Jets in the coming season. Rex Ryan made some major blunders in 2012, and I trust he learned from them — his job depends on it, and he knows this loud and clear. Mark Sanchez got a reality check and learned that he is most definitely replaceable regardless of how much he is getting paid. My gut tells me that Mark Sanchez will not perform well under increasing pressure to do so. His biggest problem has always been with his own head. My advice to Mark would be “Stay out of your head, it’s a bad neighborhood”. Lastly, there is nothing like an embarrassing season to kick you in the $@%, force change, and up one’s game. The Jets can, and hopefully will, do this in the coming season. I look for them to emerge as a serious playoff contender as the season starts and a new attitude is evident on the team.less

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