Tim Tebow: Arizona Cardinals and Jacksonville Jaguars Are Only Two Teams That Could Use Him Next Season

Tim Tebow Highlights


Tim Tebow is again making headlines as pundits on television, radio, print and numerous websites speculate over his future, or, lack of future in the NFL.

If the Jets release or trade him, where could he end up next season?

Below are 5 NFL teams that could use Tebow, as a quarterback:

Arizona Cardinals:

After the abysmal season they had, going through three-different quarterback and coming in last, in most, if not all statistical categories, Tebow will bring some hope and faith to a franchise with a future-Hall-of-Famer, Larry Fitzgerald desperate for some stability.

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The fit would be perfect for both Tebow, who can throw the deep ball better than anybody in the league, and Fitzgerald, who hasn’t played with a decent quarterback since Kurt Warner retired in 2009.

With Tebow always being a threat to run, it will create more room for Fitzgerald to get open and use his 6ft 3in frame to catch the ball, no matter where it is thrown.

Together they would make a great pair.

San Diego Chargers:

For those who say that Tebow can’t play, the argument is that he wins. 7-4 record with the Denver Broncos, after the team was 1-4, leading them to a division title and a first-round victory over the heavy-favored Pittsburgh Steelers-can’t beat facts.

What has current Charger quarterback, Phillip Rivers, done since coming into the league in 2004?

Granted, he went to the playoffs, and to the Pro Bowl a few times, but he could do with a change of scenery.

With a new head coach Mike McCoy (who previous worked with Tebow in Denver) using Tebow to prove to the NFL brass that his modified spread-formation can work on the profession level would be a great way to silence the critics. It would also be some sweet revenge for Tebow, who is a player most NFL executives and coaches don’t think can make it in the NFL, at least, not as a quarterback.

Giving Tebow the freedom to call the game by feel (as the game progresses), while playing in a formation he played in college (at Florida, where he won two national titles) will put an end to those who believe he can’t read defenses.

Jacksonville Jaguars:

For a team in desperate need to sell tickets, bringing in the home-town boy (Tebow grew up in Florida) would definitely be a great help off the field. On the field, Tebow would be an improvement from current qurterback, Blaine Gabbert, and he can use his size to bring stability to a non-existent run game, which will in turn help the passing game. Granted, Jacksonville will need some more players to complement Tebow’s skill set, like adding some linesmen help and a wide receiver or two, but this could be a great landing spot.

St. Louis Rams:

It would take some major convincing for head coach Jeff Fisher to agree to, but with an all-star player like Steven Jackson and an average receiving core, Tebow could shine as a Ram.

New York Jets:

Forgetting the fact that Tebow was just a publicity stunt, used by the Jets to win back-page headlines and that Rex Ryan is, as one prominent sports-pundit stated “a pathetic coach lucky to still be employed,” Tebow can help this team improve (really, after last-year, the Jets have nowhere else to go, but up) and upgrade the quarterback position (If anyone needs another reminded-current quarterback Mark Sanchez ran into the rear-end of his own offensive linesman, fell straight back and fumbled the ball, resulting in a defensive recovery and subsequent touchdown.), which, honestly, isn’t saying much, Jets’ die-hard fan, Fireman Ed, would be better than Sanchez was last year.

However, Tebow, if placed in the spread formation could create space for the receivers and use his long-ball throwing ability to put the Jets in scoring positions. He might even be able to save Rex Ryan’s job for another season?

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