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By :SportsBabe Brandi

Li’l Davey needs to be hanging with Goliath. He can’t hang with the Big Dogs. But don’t tell Li’l Davey Caldwell that. He thinks he’s standing tall and holding all the stones….acting like he’s got some big stones.

Well Davey, let me tell ya something…John Elway, the Duke of Denver didn’t want the Galaxy of Tebow parking a big black hole over Dove Valley. I came out a full two months before anyone else and said John Elway would be going hard after Peyton Manning. All I heard was “You’re out of your mind. They’ve got Tebow. Why would Elway want Manning?”

Well, because Peyton’s the closest thing John has in today’s NFL who looks like him. I was all for the move. But when it was first presented to me, the idea was the Broncos would look a little like UF in Tebow’s Freshman Year with PM the Grown Up Version of Leak…the old sage who just, well, has done it so long there’s not much more about Football for him to learn and Timmy, once again, the eager beaver doing anything Coach asked him to. It wasn’t a done deal that Tebow would be traded. I spent one evening chatting with Shannon Sharp about all of the possibilities. I don’t think Shannon is talking to me these days. Had to be my fault. (:

I’ve taken alotta heat from more than a few die-hard Tim Tebow Fans for refusing to consider Elway the Duke of Darkness. I’ve heard nothing, either from him or anyone close to him saying anything other than he’s got a real ManCrush on Tim Tebow. But John had his reservations over a single word…”No”.

For two months John Elway set the Rule…He would NOT talk about what he might or might not do until AFTER the Season was over. One morning he was on-the-air with some Denver Sports Radio Guys…men he’d known for years and considers friends. And they sand-bagged him with the one question he did not want to answer. This was about 20 minutes into a great, easy going convo…everything was going much better than anyone in the Broncos Organization, in Year One of the Planned 3 to 5 Year Rebuild Plan…had imagined. Elway must have said 50 good things about Tim Tebow in that previous 20 minutes. But that one loaded question: “Are you any closer to deciding if Tim Tebow is your Starting Quarterback long-term” totally threw him. He hesitated, stunned for a moment and quietly responded “No”.

That was the Shot-in-the-Heart Heard ‘Round the World. NOTHING else Elway said mattered. This was John Elway’s Town and immediately he became persona non grata in it. Fans called for HIS ouster…Loudly. And the Anti-Tebow Convention Cheered. John Elway had spent weeks just trying to enjoy the ride and see how far it went…then sit down after the Season and see where they were. That didn’t matter. And, for Elway, to have to watch every single word in HIS Town just wasn’t going to work.

He’d already said that the NFL has never seen anything even close to The Tebow Phenomenon. And they haven’t. Not even close. Word in the Valley is that Peyton made the final call about whether or not to Trade Tim Tebow. As words on the street go, I’ve been told it’s not a false rumor. But I’m sure there was some relief for Elway. Especially when the Broncos started out slow this Season and the shouts to Bring Back Tebow already were getting loud. Fortunately, he was across the Country getting GangGreen in his butt. Or who knows what it might have been like those first few weeks in the Rockies.

Davey…You’re in Gator Country…a Burg of GatorNation…a little corner of SEC Country. And Big Cats get eaten where you’re seated right now.

You may THINK you’re ready to take on the Galaxy of Tebow. But you’re kidding yourself. Just ask John. The Tebow Train is going to run right over you. And everybody’ll forget your name.

Yahoo! Sports Radio’s Jason Goch got a taste of the Jags Dangerfields tonight. It boggles his mind that a small contingent of Jaguars Fans are convinced they speak for Jags Fans everywhere when, in fact, they speak for a relative few. The JDs hit him hard on Twitter @JasonGoch for having the temerity to say the obvious truth. That a new General Manager taking on the majority of the necessary population of Fans is the Kiss of Death…for someone. Either him…or the Franchise. Goch has come to the conclusion that everyone who isn’t a member of the Dangerfields sees so clearly.

There is only one good reason to alienate such a huge portion of the Football Fans in the area…Setting the Stage to Move the Franchise.

There are other reasons, of course. But they all end with…Stupidity. It’s possible the Jaguars are simply incredibly stupid. Never over-look the obvious, as the saying goes. But if you rule out an reason for going out of their way to try to draw the wrath of GatorNation and the Galaxy of Tebow that doesn’t include some form of stupidity, it only leaves…

How do they spell Football in London again?

..SportsBabe Brandi

Buzzy Says: The Caldwell Statement

As far as Tim goes, he is a member of the New York Jets. I can’t imagine a scenario where he would be a Jacksonville Jaguar,’’ “Even if he is released

There would have to be a reason for the owner and GM Dave Caldwell to make such a Dumb statement the only one that Fits is run off the fans so the NFL will approve a plan to move the Jags. Thanks for The Support

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