Ludacris & Tim Tebow Spotted at TAO Las Vegas

Also seen taking in the show were Dancing with the Stars pros Cheryl Burke and Derek Hough, who were joined by Bachelor host Chris Harrison before heading to Marquee later in the night.

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25 Responses to “Ludacris & Tim Tebow Spotted at TAO Las Vegas”

  1. andrea says:

    You just had to do it to me,Brooke.I think I am going to be ill.

    • Brooke says:

      Yep. I know we’ve had our differences about Tim’s potential in the entertainment biz, but after seeing him actually being involved w/a spectacle like this, consider me fully converted to being on your side now. I’d so love for Tim’s parents to suddenly show up on his doorstep unannounced &-metaphorically-kick the living **** out of him. But they won’t. They’re fully convinced he’s God’s gift to humanity. Blech…

  2. Brooke says:

    Well, of course. Because Ludacris’ music is totally the kind of thing really devout Christians should be listening to, & essentially endorsing, by being seen at this performance. I wonder which of Ludacris’ songs was Tim’s favorite? The one about the b*tches or the one about the h*es? But, Tim was in the non-drinking VIP section. And, for some sycophantic idiots on twitter, that’s all that matters. SMH…

    And not only was Tebow dancing to Ludacris’ ‘music’, but he just happened to be in the vicinity of people connected w/’Dancing With the Stars’ while doing so (I don’t think even ‘Hollywood Tebow’ would do ‘The Bachelor’, unless it was simply a dating show…and I fear he *would* do that). So, maybe it was an inpromptu audition? If Tebow gets on ‘DWTS’, it will be THE sign that he knows his career in football is over. Maybe he’s already thinking that way. After all, he knows more than we do about what’s going on. The best thing I can say about Tim’s presence at this event was that this was really bad judgement on Tim’s part.

  3. Brooke says:

    If I didn’t know there were kids on this site, I’d post some of Ludacris’ lyrics. Just google them. Especially warm-hearted little totally non-misogynistic, non-blasphemous numbers like “Move B*tch” & “”What’s Your Fantasy”. A lot of Tim’s fans are kids. By seeing that he was there, they’re going to get the impression that those lyrics are ok b/c someone as devout as Tebow has endorsed them by being there. Tim wants to be a role model, remember? He wasn’t being much of one last night.

  4. andrea says:

    The trouble I have more than Tim’s parents are the so called Christian leaders and preachers out there who say nothing about this but get upset that CBS has a commecial advertising the Super Bowl that they say mocks Tim Tebow.

    It appears that when Tim Tebow goes to these Christian events in the off-season they are pre-planned and no hard questions are asked of Tim.
    It appears that Tim believes he can do whatever he wants and the Christian Yahoos(sounds like the ones on twitter)will support him because we have developed a mindset that everyone is out to get us.Our christian leaders do the young children a disservice by not holding Tebow to account when he claims “he is a good football role model for our young children and other football players are the bad ones.”

    I knew something was wrong when Tebow posed half-naked for a magazine run by a pro-choice editor who was a major fund raiser for Obama.And his mom flys all over the country speaking to groups espousing the pro-life position.

    It would not surprise me in the least that Tebow would do Dancing with the Stars or the Bachelor.I would not even be surprised if Tebow did a Super Bowl Ad saying he was pro-choice.

    Now if Tim had concentrated on football and made alot of money,I would have no problem if he started his own production company and made shows like Little House on the Prairie or Saved by the Belle.But those shows were on thirty years ago and Hollywood has gone into the sewer since then.

    I do not blame any NFL team if they do not trade for Tebow or try to acquire him through free agency.This Ludacris party is part of the reason for the “Tebow Media Circus”.Tony Romo caused a major disruption in the Cowboys locker room just by dating Jessica Simpson.

    Will be interesting to see if Tebow attends the March for Life Rally in Washington D.C. January 25th.

    Yep,Tim was too busy at training camp to meet with the church groups that came to see him but he could spend a day playing with a tire in a rock quarry.

    It will be interesting to see if our Christian leaders hold Tebow accountable for his actions since he “went Hollywood”.

    • Brooke says:

      Sorry in advance about the long comment:
      Don’t hold your breath about Tim showing up at the Pro-Life thing. It’s overtly political & Tim avoids that completely, which I actually can’t blame him for. That would only draw even more attention to him & get him dropped from all his spokesperson gigs. That’s a lot of TTF money to lose just to take part in a march. If I were him, I wouldn’t do it, either. Instead, I’d donate a truckfull of money to a PL Crisis Pregnancy Center. That would actually prevent some abortions-his being in the march likely wouldn’t.

      Also, as for that CBS ad supposedly mocking Tebow: unless there’s something more to it than just that ad-like, if someone said something in an interview that was rude or something-I don’t get the objection. That actor is one of the more popular actors on any CBS show, so CBS is just using one of their more popular actors-who plays a straight, promiscuous character, IIRC-to promote the Super Bowl. And LOTS of athletes have had the writing on eye black, not just Tim. It was a cleverly designed ad, imho & I seriously doubt anything insulting was meant by it. It reminds me of an ad for MNF several years ago in which Nicolette Sheridan, playing her rather trampy character from ‘Desperate Housewives’ is in an NFL locker room w/an NFL player & drops her towel in front of him (off-camera-there was no nudity). In the commercial, NS was wearing a noticeable gold cross. I actually heard people on a local radio talk show say that they thought she was wearing the cross to mock Christians. I’d seen NS in an interview at her home not long before that & noticed that cross in the interview-I saw it again in an interview she did later. Supposedly, she goes to a Catholic Church near where she lives. I think those are situations where those people are/were assuming they are/were a target. That’s not why I’m annoyed at this. I’m annoyed b/c Tim has said countless times he wants to be a role model. Endorsing those lyrics by being there isn’t being a role model imho-far from it. But I’m one of the few on twitter who feel that way. All they seem to care about is whether or not he was drinking. They-some of whom claim to be Christians, too-don’t even seem to care that some of Ludacris’ lyrics are at least technically blasphemous (GD). One of them even said that Tim was doing the ‘right thing’ by being there & quoted that verse in Mark about Jesus eating & drinking w/sinners. I don’t remember the Bible verse talking about Jesus enjoying music w/G**D*** in the lyrics or telling b*tches & h*es to get busy. I don’t get only caring about whether or not he was drinking. And the reason why Tim has said he doesn’t drink is b/c he doesn’t want some kid to think that b/c TT drinks, it’s ok to drink, & then they do something stupid. But kids listening to, &-as a result-emulating the attitudes of, these lyrics is ok for kids? Also, Robby drinks & he was w/Tim. What does that even matter? Jesus even turned water into wine. I don’t get it.

  5. andrea says:

    Just because you sit in a non-alcholic area does’nt mean you are’nt drinking alcohol.I have no proof one way or another so we have to take Tim’s word on it.But Tim also said he would be a good role model for young children so who in thier right mind would think he would hang out with Ludicras?
    I remember the night before the Jets/Jags game,Soul Electronics sent out a video or message urging Tebow fans to form a flash mob at a certain time at the JAGS stadium.I thought it very strange at the time that a company would use Tebow’s name to promote a thuggish action.What I did’nt know then and I know now that Soul Electronics is partly owned by a thug named Ludicras.
    When I first heard the news that the Jags were not interested in Tebow,I was disappointed.Then I remembered what my mother told us – “You can’t chose your family but you can chose your friends”.Tebow going Hollywood has greatly increased the media circus around him so I can understand why football teams may not want to trade for Tim or try to pick him up on waivers.

    • Brooke says:

      The non-drinking thing might be true. It was reported in that story that Tim was supposedly in the non-alcoholic VIP area. As for the SOUL/Jags flash mob, I thought it was incredibly stupid, but for a different reason. I think I have a different understanding-possibly incorrect-as to what a flash mob is. I think a flash mob is when people spontaneously start dancing a choreographed dance in a public place. For his 50th birthday, Steve Young’s wife surprised Steve w/many people they knew doing a flash mob dance for him while they were out having lunch in a courtyard. And, yes, becoming Hollywood Tim has increased the circus, which many people keep saying DOES make teams less likely to want him. It makes sense. It’s way too distracting for the team. I’d think that Tim would understand he’s actually feeding the enemy of his career w/this. I guess not.

  6. andrea says:

    Oh I forgot – GO RAVENS SATURDAY!!!!!

  7. andrea says:

    Brooke you may be right.I heard the term flash mob on the news when a group of young people would run into a convience store and they would all grab merchandise and run out of the store with the merchandise without paying for it.That is what flash mob means to me but I can be mistaken.

  8. Tisa says:

    Wow, you guys are really ready to condemn Tim. It seems you are just looking for something to jump on. I understand it from Tebow Haters but from someone who is a major contributor to a Tebow Fan site? I read another gossip rag post much like the one posted here that said Tebow went to the VIP, non-alcoholic area and described it as an area devoid of “fun”. They made fun of him for not joining in with the others. I also watched a video from this endorsement related event and you could hear people in the background yelling derogatory comments at Tim, as well as one person yelling “It’s alright, Tim, the Gator Nation is behind you.” Brooke, people believe this is your website and they are definitely confused about your attitude and stance. Frankly, so am I. You know I don’t like the HW scene either but for you to be saying the things I read on Twitter tonight?

    • Brooke says:

      You’re right, Tisa. I shouldn’t have posted the comments here or on twitter about Tim. I’ve been increasingly doubting Tim over the past several weeks, especially after re-reading his bio. I considered quitting weeks ago, but kept finding various excuses for sticking around: I like the vast majority of Tebow fans I’ve met here & elsewhere; I didn’t want to leave Buzzy handling this by himself; and I was also extra motivated to want to believe in Tim b/c I so dislike the people who hate Tim for being the very kind of person I no longer believe he is. But, you’re absolutely right. I should have left long before it got to this point (or, better yet, should have never come back after I left b/c of the Vogue issue). I’m unfairly being a major downer for everyone else at a time when Tim’s in a very difficult situation. And, if I’m wrong about Tim, I’ve been acting like Merrill Hoge & slandering someone who doesn’t deserve it. And even doing so on a Tebow fansite, no less. Terrific. I sincerely hope I am wrong about Tim and I apologize to everyone for bringing my own fluctuating opinion about Tim onto this site. I wish you all well & hope that 1 or more of you will volunteer to help out Buzzy occasionally. I’m sorry again. Bye…

      • Tisa says:

        Okay, make your comments, but change the name of the site to Anti-Tebow Zone. The fans who do not support your beliefs and Tim himself were called some pretty derogatory terms last night, completely across the line. By the way, what do you want Tim’s speaking engagements to turn into-an interrogation? His ministry has a message to give and that is the purpose of the speaking engagements. By your standard, Tim shouldn’t even be in the NFL. It’s full of thugs, drug users, assaulters,murderers- every kind of bad influence I can name – people who routinely live the culture depicted in rap music. NFL stadiums are full of drunks on Sundays. It takes away from my enjoyment of going. Think of the kids that are there to watch drunk adults do the things they do at these games. Young girls come scantily clad and make overt passes at Tim from the sidelines,even exposing their breasts.Where is the difference between that and the CES endorsement event? I am one of those idiots, so called Christians, sychophant fans that believe Tim is walking the walk in a very evil world. I have gone to conventions because of my job where things were going on that I was not comfortable with as a Christian but there were other reasons to be there and I didn’t partcipate in the drinking and other things I was not comfortable with. I wonder if anyone at the event looked at how Tim was conducting himself and the way the others were and learned something from the difference? I don’t know why Tim thinks he is okay with Soul. But until he, personally, conducts himself inappropriately, I will believe in him.

  9. andrea says:

    I believe it was Tim’s decision to attend the party.It was’nt Brooke’s decision.It was Tim’s decision to join a Hollywood Talent Agency.It was’nt Brooke’s.Tim did not have to attend the party but was probably obligated to because he decided to do business with Ludicras.Tim decided to enter into a contract with someone who Pepsi deemed so controversial 10 years ago they fired him.It was’nt Brooke’s decision.
    Hollywood for the past 50 years has either vilified or made laughing stocks out of any born again christian that has entered the public arena.Why Tim does not know this I have no clue.
    I am not very computer savvy so I am unaware of how to follow twitter and the gossip sites.
    But you can’t change facts – Tim signed a contract to do business with a low-life thug.Tim attended a party thrown by the low-life thug.Low life thugs atraact low life thugs.I am very sorry to hear Tim did not have a good time at the party and was heckled.But when you attend a party hosted by a low life thug,you should’nt be surprised at all if the low life thugs who attend the party ridicule you and mock you.
    It would appear to me if Tim Tebow was really offended by the treatment he received at Ludicras’s party last night he would cancel the contract he signed with Soul Electronics.Tim is amulti-millionare – he doesn’t need the money.We shall see.
    I’m sorry that every time someone critizes Tim Tebow for any reason they are branded a Tim Tebow hater.

    I have been very consistent through all of this.Instead of attending the party I would have liked for Tim Tebow to spend those hours with wounded troops or maybe read a book to school children.
    But since Tim decided to go to a party hosted by a low life thug -I am thereby considered a Tebow Hater.
    I hope Brooke stays.

  10. tawk2 says:

    Wow I am a little upset at all the derogatory comments about Tim.

    My opinion is that Tim tries to be around others who he thinks that his faith may rub off on others. He never pushes his faith, but he does live the life and walk the walk. I know that even Jesus made a point to be around sinners trying to help them see the light. I think that so many are ready to jump to judgement of Tim. He also does a lot of charity work for others, last I knew it takes lots of money to do this type of work. So yes Tim is using the sources he has to help make the things happen for others.

    I have never seen or heard of Tim doing anything that would lead me to believe he is not a Christian. Even some ministers go to prisons to help others to see the light. If you want to get real then how about all the NFL players who have been arrested for different reasons who still play in the NFL that Tim has contact with. Evil is all around us, how we choose to let it run our lives is our choice. I believe Tim has a strong and smart head on his shoulders, and he has a true heart. He really wants to find the good in people, yes even those that we don’t deem worthy. But isn’t that what being a Christian is all about.

    I may be wrong about Tim, I really don’t think I am. Tim has changed so many lives, I know he has changed mine. Tim gave me hope to think that all things are possible if only we believe and we don’t give up on ourselves.

    Tim is going through so much right now, but I am sure he is thinking of others as he faces his own turmoils. Lets join in support of Tim, instead of doubting him. There are so many right now tearing him a part, I don’t want to be a part of that.

    I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, that is what makes us all different and unique. I respect each of your opinions, but that does not mean a agree with some of them.

    I love this site, I come here to find positive comments about Tim to help make the negatives ones that seem to be more and more of, a little easier to digest.

    I also was raised we should not judge others, although I know at times I too am very judgmental, I think it is human nature. From what I see Tim dedicates a lot of his time to others, and a lot of his money as well. If more people were like Tim what a wonderful world this would be.

    Sorry I am so long winded. I hope each of you has a blessed and great weekend.

    I pray that Tim is freed soon, as Tim says “he does not know what the future holds but he knows who holds his future.”

    • Portia11 says:

      I hate to see anyone leave this site-there are so few of us. I do enjoy ‘talking’ about Tim without all the haters awful remarks.

      I think Tim’s management needs to reevaluate his position. It sounds like this Soul Electronics party didn’t go well if people were heckling Tim. What was he even doing there if Ludacris was going to perform?

      Tim is going to have to choose whether to continue on in football (he needs to disappear behind a big gate) learning in a well organized program. Or he can use his platform as it is now to earn money via endorsements/appearances. I don’t think he can do both.

      I love to watch Tim play football. The fact he’s a leader of men and an honorable young man (and a Gator) are extras and why I’m such an ardent fan. Since he is so up front with his religious beliefs I expect him to walk his walk as he describes it. Some of his choices may or may not have been good for his platform, none so far have made me think less of him.

  11. andrea says:

    But to be fair to Brooke – if Tebow had visted wounded troops instead of attending Ludicras’s party and a picture was available -Brooke would have posted it on this site.
    And as usual,I would have been the only member of this site to post a positive comment.
    I believe it is totally unfair to brand Brooke a “Tebow Hater” especially since she puts in so much time on this site finding and posting articles.
    I sometimes disagree with Brooke’s positions,but I know that her opinions are her ideas to help Tim be the best he can be.

    • tawk2 says:

      I never said anyone on this site is a Tebow hater, I only posted my opinion about Tim. If I have upset anyone I am sorry, I will not be posting on this site anymore.

      Sorry if I offended anyone, I hope you will not leave Brooke.

      I have enjoyed this site and all who comment here. I may not agree with everyone’s opinion but I respect them.

      God bless you all, take care.

  12. andrea says:

    Just reviewed Brooke’s last 15 postings (Funny how tebow hater Brooke and Buzzy Buzzard are the only 2 that post articles and videos on this site).Not a anti-Tebow article in the last 15 articles I saw posted by Brooke.There was one about Tebow’s car being fixed by Richard Petty for auction for the TT Foundation.No one took one second to post a comment on the article.I wonder how long it took Brooke to find and post the article to this site.
    I am truly sorry that Tim Tebow was heckled and his religion(mine also) was made fun of at the Ludicras party.I would have never gone to that party in the first place but Tim did.He signed a contract with someone who is a low-life and must suffer the consequences for his actions.
    I would rather Tim concentrate on football and give up on Hollywood for good-he is a better person than that.
    But it is what it is.Tim has decided to live and party with celebrities and must suffer the consequencesI’m sorry.
    The real Tebow haters are the celebrities and the main stream media that he hangs with.Hope he learns that lesson but so far it does’nt look that way.
    Been saying all along he needs new people to help him guide his career.
    I think if Tim Tebow goes to a party filled with low life people then he should be held responsible for what happens – not the people who post opinions on this board.

  13. andrea says:

    Tawk – no apology needed.You did not call anyone a hater.Please keep posting on this site.I enjoy reading your comments.

  14. susie b says:

    I wouldn’t know Ludacris’ music if I fell over it. Don’t care.

    I do care about Tim Tebow & his NFL career. I hope he has nothing but FUN, FUN, FUN from now to the Super Bowl. Goes where he wants, does what HE wants, goes out to dinner, attends a few parties, concerts or shows, continues or begins new sponsorship/advertising “partnerships”, whatever. And then, come the Monday after the SB, I hope he disappears into some QB-training bunker. No interviews, no nights on the town, no nuthin, but work, work, work. And hoepfully, latch on to some team that will recognize his greatness.

    I don’t know everything about Tim Tebow. I may not even know a lot. But I do know he is NOT judgemental. He believes in the innate goodness in people, sometimes to his OWN detriment. REMIND YOU OF ANYONE, fellow CHRISTIANS? If you don’t want to go on this “journey” with Tim, then don’t, Tim won’t hold it against you. I will but Timmy’s a far better person than I.

  15. ck says:

    Did not know all of this was going on…it is easy to put someone on a pedestal that we are not able to live up to ourselves even though we still try. Will forgive Brooke for having a moment of cynicism as I have been guilty myself at times w/the very same trait…imagine that!
    Trying to put a positive spin on things b/c this site is like a sanctuary for fans who want to believe in the many positive qualities that Timmy represents and everyone knows the good far outweighs the bad; at least, that is the way I mostly see it. Tisa has a very good point too! When you think about it, we are all role models to some degree and there are little kids out there who desperately need a “HERO” even though they are far and few between anymore. Will still thank God that there is a Timmy Tebow out there that has standards that for the most part are not corrupted by what is present in the world no matter how hard it is to do what is right a lot of times. Can definitely say this: “Wish I were more like Timmy Tebow” and hope he continues to influence others like he has done in my life as well. Usually, we eventually come around and see that NO ONE IS PERFECT EXCEPT GOD!!! Easy to say, hard as you know what to live…takes alot of prayer and then some. Will be praying that TT will finally get the break he is so deserving of and has worked most of his whole life in order to live the dream he has up to this point never given up on and that is being an NFL QB!!! Hopefully, he stays focused through all the immoral business that is “Hollywood” and etc.

    Plus, I think you should rejoice (bible backs this up btw) when evil is brought to account through a means of justice b/c why would you be happy if the opposite happened and it was rewarded?!!! (Makes sense to me imho!) That would also include righteous judgement (money changers etc.). Plus, believe it or not, you are allowed to be angry…”Be angry and sin not!” Understandably, no one wants to be disappointed or wrong about a person whom you believe to be capable of having higher standards.
    Anyway, didn’t mean to ramble on and, I hope, we can all get over the bump in the road (my hubby likes to say this particularly). Maybe after a “cooling off” period, things will smooth over as they usually do!:D
    So yes, count me in as happy that the Bronco’s w/Elrot–‘N’CO.–and PM LOST!!!

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