Mark Sanchez benched for a quarterback not named Tim Tebow

Chris Chase, USA TODAY Sports

4:32PM EST December 2. 2012 – It was just as New York Jets fans dreamed.

After another rough start, Mark Sanchez was benched for his backup quarterback, who entered the game to a rousing ovation for the crowd at MetLife Stadium and promptly took the team down the field for what would be a game-winning touchdown.

The score was textbook. The backup rolled out on third-and-goal and threw a floater to a wide-open tight end after drawing the attention of the defense.

Everything was just like Jets fan had hoped, except for one small change: Tim Tebow was nowhere to be found.

Because the Jets celebrated backup was inactive for Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals due to a rib inu, third-string quarterback Greg McElroy was tabbed as Sanchez’s replacement when Rex Ryan benched the starter late in the third quarter.

It was like waiting for Godot and having a dude named Lou show up.

Sanchez threw three interceptions on the Jets’ first five possessions. The team was shutout through the first 37 minutes against the struggling Arizona Cardinals.

Enter McElroy.

His first throw fell incomplete. He converted a third down on the next throw, ran for a short gain and drew a personal foul penalty on the defense, then threw the one-yard touchdown to Jeff Cumberland, giving the Jets a 7-3 lead early in the fourth quarter. The team would hold on for a 7-6 victory.

Before he entered the game, McElroy received an encouraging pat on the head from Sanchez and a low-five from Tebow, who was in street clothes. Fans cheered loudly to welcome the next great Jets hope.

Buzzy says: As I predicted a month and a half ago they Started MCELroy the jets have been giving him 5 to 15 first team reps per week for the last month or so and he played pretty well i am sure he will start at Jax . Sorry Tim but the Ribs was Just what Rex needed to get out of the trap i would guess T2 will be out for the rest of the season Now tim will have to complete in practice to try to win the QB spot as we already know T2 is not a practice player

I am depressed but it played just as i thought it would.

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8 Responses to “Mark Sanchez benched for a quarterback not named Tim Tebow”

  1. Maya says:

    Good for McElroy, but Rex and the Jets don’t deserve Tim, I know it’s all business in the NFL but these guys at the Jets are really, really, low. I pray there will be a great team for him in the future. BTW, thank you for this site!

  2. tawk2 says:

    Well if Tim is not the starting quarterback if healthy against the Jags then I am done with football until and hopefully Tim gets on another team who believes in him and does not lie to him! Tim deserved a starting quarterback job this year and Elrot and company made sure he was not on the trading block until all teams had committed to other quarterbacks!

    Now when Rex finally pulls Sanchez Tim is on the bench with hurt ribs. As Buzzy said how convenient. My heart is breaking for Tim, I know how much he wants to play, and now as Buzzy said he will more than likely be on the bench the remainder of the season.

    I hope Rex and co gets fired and karma shows her face and what goes around comes around.

  3. Portia11 says:

    Tim would probably want to play if the football was half inflated and everybody on the opposing team weighed 500#. (and he had 6 broken ribs. Something really fishy with the rib story too)

    Probably never know for sure if Rex waited to bench Sanchez until he could put McElroy in… In his efforts to one-up his bosses the Jets lost the season.

    The few plays Tim did run this season are perfect examples of their ineptitude. They had to take a t/o nearly every time, just to get the right players on the field. Even then it was the complex ‘Tim run into the center of their line’ play.

    I’ll never believe the Jets were honest with Tim with their job description. Come over and be my punt protector? I think it best if he doesn’t play at all, just figure a way to get out of there.

  4. jason says:

    The jets have another problem they could cause but I hope they don’t cause its pretty low but the jets don’t have to trade or cut him and even if he quits they can still collect value for him from a team that wants to sign him. Its rare teams do that but the way the jets are I wouldn’t put it past them. With the jets who knows what’s going on. I know the NFL but the jets go against all logic.

    • Brooke says:

      Yes. When it comes to the Jets, NFL stands for ‘No Fun or Logic’.

      I can’t imagine Tim retiring a la Carson Palmer to avoid having to play w/the Jets again, but maybe…

      • jason says:

        Normally I can geuss close to what a team will do but with the jets they don’t even know so its not a chance to predict what they’re up to. They’re just boring right now and don’t even seem to have a full effort at all being made. I watch all the games but found myself paying less attention to the jets and cards. They have 4 games they could win to finish the season out and such be able to win even with the talent they have. Their product is just bad though.

  5. Brooke says:

    You were right, Buzzy. You predicted this all along. I’m glad for McElroy, but miserable for Tim.

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