Tebow with last week’s W15H recipient.

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Last week’s W15H recipient was Christian Osborne, who battles white matter brain disorder and is also a Special Olympian.

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18 Responses to “Tebow with last week’s W15H recipient.”

  1. andrea says:

    Tim at his best.Just wish he would leave the celebrity/Hollywood silliness behind.

    • Brooke says:

      I didn’t like it at first, either. When he started showing up at those premieres & red carpet events earlier this year, I was disgusted. Then, I realized why he was doing all this. He wants to make more money via Hollywood to help people with and use the bigger platform that getting into acting would give him to share his faith w/an even larger audience (yes, I believe he wants to get into acting). And I think he went to those red carpet things to schmooze golf-playing celebs into playing in his tournament just like he’s done w/NFL guys in the past. Didn’t work, though. But, I could be wrong. Maybe he’s changing for the worse. We’ll see…

  2. andrea says:

    I think you are right about trying to get better known to raise more money for his charity.Trouble is it has not worked.No big name celebrities attended his golf tournament this year.Only way Hollywood will accept Tim is if he changes his values.I remain hopeful Tim will see he is being used and abused by the NFL and Hollywood.He is still doing good charity work and looks like in the off-season he has some good speaking engagements.Funny how when Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria were “an item” thier pictures were plastered all over the papers but Tim and CB – nothing.My hunch is it is a publicity stunt cooked up by his talent agency.
    Tim needs to put his foot down and fire the agency and just concentrate on his football career.

    • Brooke says:

      If the CB thing actually was a publicity stunt by the agency, then I definitely agree w/you: they need to be fired. And, if it was a stunt that Tim agreed to go along w/, Tim needs a verbal spanking from his parents.

      For many people in Hollywood, it’s all about politics & using media as a propaganda tool. But I think there are enough people in Hollywood simply driven by greed & the craving for attention that I suspect Tim could do enough work in Hollywood to, say, build another children’s hospital. And, depending on the parts he chose, that would be ok w/me. 🙂

  3. andrea says:

    The way Tim has been used by the Jets this season,I doubt if Tim will be the talk of the A-list Hollywood parties like he was last year.I have’nt seen any Hollywood celebrities speak up for Tim in his current situation with the Jets.Only the country band Rascal Flats but they have been supporters of Tim since his college days.
    The sad fact is if you are not making headline news in Hollywood,there will always be another to take Tim’s place.

    • Brooke says:

      I did see the actor/comedian Kevin James show support for Tebow getting more playing time on a sports show he was on earlier in the season. But I wouldn’t expect Hollywood types to defend Tim, or to even be asked about him unless they appear on sports shows like KJ did. Tim’s an outsider & someone they probably cynically assume is a fraud anyway.

      What you said about someone being there to take his place is true. But I think it’s worth noting the fact that as recently as just last week he was still getting so much attention from entertainment outlets like the E! channel & the Today show, both for his Tivo spokesperson gig & the alleged date w/CB, despite having virtually no football accomplishments this year. A huge chunk of Tim’s fan base will likely be gone once Tim gets married-he’s a heart-throb, after all-so it’s best to get the money & platform while he can.

      • tisa says:

        The biggest chunk of Tebow’s fan base is the Gator Nation. I think he may lose the young ladies who are madly in love with him for a while when he gets married but not the rest of us. I am looking forward to his marriage and fatherhood and I believe he will choose a young lady who loves the Lord as much as he does( that has to be his first priority) and they will be role models for America regarding what a real Christian family is like. That’s why I know none of the people associated with him by the media are girlfriends. I want my grandsons to be able to look to him, as well as their own father and grandfather,as they continue to grow into manhood. Masculine, Christian men are very important to our culture’s future right now.

        • Brooke says:

          Tisa, you might be right about Tebow’s biggest fan base being Gator Nation, but based on what I’ve seen these past 3 years, I have to strongly disagree w/that assessment. There are over 100 million females in the U.S. & Tim’s appeal to them seems nearly universal. They either are in love w/him, in lust w/him, platonically adore him, are fans of his style of QB play, or-like you-look to him as a role model for their children or grandchildren. Both online & in real life, I’ve seen women of every age, faith & ethnicity, including many who don’t even care at all about football, just melt at the sight or mention of him. The only females I’ve ever seen NOT like Tim are the females who detested his SuperBowl commercial. And I even know a couple of pro-choice women who adore him despite that.

          As for your comment ‘Masculine, Christian men are very important to our culture’s future right now.’ I couldn’t agree more. This country has too many wimps, both male & female.

  4. lalalala says:

    Hollywood is evil, but it’s not all bad. If handled properly, it can provide money and publicity that will help grow his foundation and message. He just needs to be careful about who he affiliates himself with. I think Tim’s pretty smart and discerning. God is opening doors for him to grow his platform, and it’s not going to happen if he stays at home and isolate himself.

    • Brooke says:

      I completely agree, lalalala. And I think Hollywood is only evil b/c the types of ego & greed-driven people who are naturally drawn to the spotlight have been allowed to completely take over the industry during the past 40 years. One example of what could be done in the entertainment world is the tv show Tim said he’d bring back if he could: ‘Saved by the Bell’. That was a pretty squeaky-clean show that was produced by a Christian. Yet it was also VERY popular & still has a following. I could easily see Tim doing a squeaky clean sitcom &, if it were written/directed/cast well enough, I can imagine it being very successful, too.

      • lalalala says:

        Good point Brooke. The truth is that Hollywood reaches every household and influences people more than anything else. I can’t see Tim doing a sitcom, but maybe a reality show like Extreme Home Maker where he travels around the world and helps people. Why not use that medium for good if he’s able to?

  5. tisa says:

    Brooke, where in the world did you get the idea that Tebow would want to be an actor? I see none of that in his future. Appearances at Hollywood events, I think has more to do with Hollywood’s fascination with Tebow than his with them. I just worry about their influence on a young man away from his family’s overt control for the first time but he does seem to be handling it. I see ministry, business and politics in Tebow’s future. I think he is being groomed by his family for politics and he doesn’t deny it. Dallying around with Hollywood and their liberal agenda isn’t going to help him with his future. I predict we see less of it this spring. In part because he isn’t going to be the “star” he was at the end of last year and, also, because I think he is beginning to see these folks aren’t going to support his conservative agenda. But then, I don’t have a crystal ball either. We don’t even know what he will be doing this Thursday. Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving! Plan to spend mine with the kids and grandkids. God Bless you all!

    • tawk2 says:

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too Tisa and to all here! We don’t have any family here, so it will be my hubby and our precious daughter celebrating together. We are so lucky to have each other!

      Again Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Brooke says:

      Sorry for the long comment…

      Tisa, I probably phrased that incorrectly. I don’t think he ‘wants’ to be an actor. I think he’s willing to be an actor-or a reality show host or whatever-if the opportunity comes his way. I think he’s interested in going that route for the same reason he’s been willing to be a Jockey spokesperson, despite that involving things that he’s not comfortable w/(the people on FB who attended the Jockey fashion show he narrated earlier this year said he looked obviously embarrassed by it), & was willing to do that ridiculous Vogue mag photoshoot earlier this year, & was willing to do that ridiculous GQ photoshoot in college (which he didn’t even get paid for): to expand his platform to share the Gospel &/or make lots of money w/which to do good. Tim has said he wants to build many of these children’s hospitals all over the world. That’s going to take tens of millions of dollars. I don’t think money raised from small donations & auctioning off items will be enough to do that. Also, I’m not the only person who sees this as something he’s interested in. Just earlier this week, one of the contributors to the Tebow Nation FB page was saying that if football doesn’t work out for Tim, the TN contributor could see Tim either going into full-time ministry, Hollywood, or politics. I’ve seen others on twitter & FB, including the guy from tebowseyeblack.com, say they also think Hollywood could be in his future. Yes, Hollywood might have invited him to those premieres & parties b/c they’re fascinated w/him, but he didn’t have to attend them. On top of that, he’s currently rumored to be dating an actress. And, even if they’re not dating, they’ve been hanging around together. That’s increasingly the direction I see him going. Even the producer of the ‘Die Hard’ franchise suggested to Jim Rome a couple of years ago he might want to cast Tim as John McLain’s (Bruce Willis’ character’s) son-& that was before Tebowmania last year.

      As I said before, if someone can make people enough money in Hollywood, there’s no need to embrace their politics or values. Yes, some people will boycott working w/that person, but not everyone. Mel Gibson did very well for over 2 decades in Hollywood, despite everyone knowing exactly where he stood on cultural issues. At one point, he was listed by Forbes as the most powerful person in Hollywood. It was only when he finally destroyed himself that he lost it all. Btw, I’m not suggesting that Tim would, or should, compromise his values by appearing in the kind of films-or doing nudity or sex scenes or swearing-that MG did. I think that would be the beginning of the end of Tim’s popularity if he were to do that &, more importantly, a clear sign that he was changing for the worse.

      Speaking of Tim no longer being in his family’s control, I thought Robby lived w/Tim in the northeast. I happened to see Robby’s FB page yesterday & it said Robby’s home was in Denver, CO. Is Tim now living alone? If so, that’s not good. I don’t think he should be alone right now w/all that’s going on.

      Also, since you’re our resident expert on Tim, do you know what Christian beauty queen Tim was involved w/either earlier this year or maybe last year whose initials are BB? I saw this relationship referenced on some forum about Tim. All the participants seemed to take it as fact that he was dating this beauty queen, yet I have no clue who they were talking about. FWIW, the relationship apparently ended badly & the females on this forum were angry w/Tim about that.

      And Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 🙂

      • tisa says:

        I am not the resident expert on anything. I just have opinions like everyone else. Tebow Nation and I agree on 2 out of three. I am not familiar with “BB”. The only places I go are this site and I follow Tebow’s Fan Club on Twitter as well as the Tebow brothers, the foundation and sometimes to places I am sent by those sites. I frequently find articles in the Florida Baptist newspaper regarding Timmy and his family.I just think Hollywood is doing T more harm than good and I am hoping to see less of it. He is probably going to be proving himself to another team this off season and moving again. Danny Wuerful is doing very well with his ministry and I pretty much envisioned Tebow following in his foot steps. T is establishing himself in the business world through D1 and his part ownership of FRS. I could see him getting into TV programs regarding fitness. He does still live with Robby but Peter is still in Denver and Angel and Alexis are living in Miami. I ofte wonder how much longer Robby will put his life on hold. They used to all live together in Denver. Have a great day tomorrow- God Bless!

        • Brooke says:

          Same to you, Tisa. Glad to hear Robby’s still w/Tim, but he does need to get his own life eventually as you say. Also, I didn’t mean ‘resident expert’ sarcastically-I meant it literally. You know a lot more about Tim & his family than I do. 🙂

  6. andrea says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! I am making pumpkin pies right now and then its off to the parents house for Thanksgiving weekend.No computer at mom and dad’s so no more posting from me until next Monday.

    The Jets play Thanksgiving night and Tim has a Wish 15 person at the game.

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