Tim Tebow vs. The New York Jets – Week 6

The New York Jets are one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now with a 4-1 record. They’re all over ESPN, on the cover of all the magazines and the topic around all the watercoolers. It’s like Broadway Joe is back and guaranteeing a Super Bowl victory.

The Jets are in Denver this Sunday for a game with the 2-3 Broncos. It’s a 4:05 PM EST kickoff and the Jets are favored by -3.5 as I write this post. The game will be aired on CBS and shown throughout most of the Midwest and the greater NYC area.

Tim Tebow will likely be designated as the #2 backup QB again this week behind the starter Kyle Orton. I don’t expect Tim to get any playing time unless Orton get’s hurt – which knowing how tough the Jets Defense is that might happen this week. Tebow practices and prepares himself as hard as anyone – you can bet he’d be ready to step in if called upon.

I bet a lot of Tebow fans thought that around Week 6 we might be seeing Tim start for the Broncos. No one ever would have guess Orton would be playing like a Pro Bowler and be 2nd in the league in passing. Even if the Broncos continue to lose, they won’t put Tim in there to start with Kyle playing so well.

So what are your predictions for the game tomorrow? I’m going with 21-17 Jets win.

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  1. Sam says:

    I really wish that they would give Tebow some playing time. I mean, I watched him while he was in college and he was one of the best quarterbacks… wait a minute. Scratch that. He was one of the best players ever to play in college football. He should be able to get some real playing time in the NFL. We saw what he was like in college. We saw what he was like in the NFL pre-season. But neither of those compare to the actual action of regular season, professional football. I’m dying to see what Tim will play like as a real NFL quarterback.

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