Tebow Scores First NFL Touchdown vs. Jets

The Denver Broncos lost to the New York Jets yesterday 20-24 – the Jets scored 14 points in the fourth quarter to put them on top. Even though the Broncos lost, this game was still exciting for Tim Tebow fans because he finally got significant playing time. Tim carried the ball 6 times for 23 yards and scored on a 5 yard run – the first touchdown of his NFL career.

Here’s a highlight video of his touchdown.

YouTube Preview Image

Just two weeks ago, McDaniels labeled “ridiculous” the suggestion that Tebow could be the answer to the Broncos’ short-yardage struggles in the red zone. Looks like McDaniels was throwing a little smoke screen out there so he could keep Tim a surprise for the Jets.

Now that teams know the Broncos will use Tim in short yardage running situations, the Broncos need to let Tim throw the ball a handful of times to keep defenses on their feet. When Tebow comes in the game they won’t know what to expect.

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One Response to “Tebow Scores First NFL Touchdown vs. Jets”

  1. Brooke says:

    When I read that McD ‘ridiculous’ quote weeks ago, I wondered if he was faking out opponents w/that statement. After all, his mentor is Belichick.

    It was so great getting to finally see Tim play again. I agree that Tim also needs to be allowed to throw the ball as well, or he’ll simply get gang-tackled by opponents like he did last year. The problem w/having him throw the ball, though, is that Orton is throwing the ball so well. If given a choice between having the ball thrown by an untested rookie (throwing-wise, anyway) or a veteran who’s having a Pro Bowl-worthy year, it’s only logical to go w/the vet. But maybe McD will come up w/something. Especially if Tim is throwing the ball well in whatever few reps he’s getting each week.

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