The Mile High Messiah

I read an ESPN article this morning about Denver Broncos fans coming up with a new nickname for Tim Tebow. I think it’s something popular going around the Broncos mesage boards and in the sports columns of their newspapers. It’s a fun game fans get to play trying to come up with a nickname. In the ESPN article they highlighted several very good ones… one being “The Mile High Messiah.” For those of you who aren’t Broncos fans, Mile High is a reference to the Bronco’s stadium and that the city is over 5,280 ft above sea level.

Here is a list of the other nicknames mentioned:

 1. The Mile-High Messiah — First suggested by Eric M., Kingsport, Tenn.; Dan L., Austin, Texas; and Andrew B., New York.

2. Tebench — Nick S., Rochester, N.Y.

3. Uno Cinco — Anthony F., Philadelphia.

4. Capt. Snipit — Jason G., Longwood, Fla.

5. The Big Tebowski — Josh C., Canastota, N.Y., and Tim C., San Diego.

6. Tebowlicious — Mary-Jane K., Madison, Ala.

7. Clipboard — Joe M., Navarre, Fla., and Capt. Clipboard — Jess C., Savannah, Ga.

8. The Unicorn — “Because only women and defensive ends of pure virtue will be able to touch him” — Steve R., Ottawa, Ontario.

9. Media Messiah — Ryan K., Chowan University (Murfreesboro, N.C.).

10. Timmmmaaaay — “South Park salute” — Sammy M., Beaumont, Texas; Daryn H., Stevens Point, Wis.; and Josh W., Asheville, N.C.

What do you think of the nicknames above? Do you think Tim Tebow should have a nickname or is “Tebow” good enough? What are some of your favorite nicknames… post a comment and let us know.

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9 Responses to “The Mile High Messiah”

  1. John says:

    I’d stick with “Superman”…

  2. abby m. says:

    hottie is good enough for me! haha, but I do like the big tebowski and mile high messiah!

  3. Dara says:

    I stick with Superman too… Fits him perfect..

  4. dah says:


  5. Han says:

    Superman and all of his gator nicknames after all he still is a gator

  6. 传奇私服 says:

    I would die laughing if Tebow came out and said he fully supports gay rights like the new kids on the block are doing. I could just imagine the agape faces of our oppressors who praised Tebow as their new savior.

  7. 传奇私服 says:

    Hey yall, take a read of what fox sports said about Tebow.

    Not very flattering. Tebow will NOT be starting any games until maybe next year at the earliest. Mile High Messiah?

    Give me a break while I puke!!!!

    The Golden Boy has to earn his place and all the “Tebow Mania” which is going on is going to pizz some defense players off real fast.

    I wonder how much of that may come from the Broncos after the 5th game?

  8. 传奇sf says:

    The University of Miami will have ___ players picked in the 2ND Rd of 2010 NFL Draft. Fill in your answer.

    A. 0
    B. 0
    C. 0
    D. 0
    E. 0

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