Tim Tebow Mentioned on “The View”

I told you this Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial is taking on a life of it’s own. Everywhere you look they are talking about it and discussing if it should or should not be aired. Yesterday morning, the commercial was a topic on ABC’s “The View.” Now, I don’t watch The View and have never paid any attention to it in my life. I really don’t even want to post about them on this site and give them more pub, but I just thought this topic was worth mentioning to all the Tim Tebow fans out there.

Joy Behar – no idea who she is or what her credentials are – said that Tim Tebow could have just as easily been a “Rapist Pedophile.” I don’t even know how to respond to her comments. Just watch this video to see it for yourself.

I’m going to leave this up for you all to discuss and comment on. But I did promise I would post more fan emails about the topic. So here are two of them,

The first one is against the Super Bowl ad:

Dear Mr. Tebow,

I have watched you dominate college football for the last four years and maintained respect for you because of your talent. But how does your talent give you the right to  force your fanatical religious beliefs down the throats of millions of Americans. If ever there was a thing to keep free from politics, because yes Mr. Tebow, abortion is not about god, its about politics, its the Super Bowl. Please be religious, pray, give, donate, volunteer, whatever makes you feel good. I have respect for believers because religion is the heart of a heartless world, but for all of ours sake, will you please take it down a notch? You’re acting like that guy everyone hates and no one wants to have sex with.

-Scott S.

And this one is from a supporter:

Dear Mr. Tebow:

I want to express my total support on your commercial for Focus on the Family during the superbowl coming up. This just might be the turning point to show the “media”, etc that most people in this country are “Pro life”. I am a woman and do not agree with the NOW or other groups associated to that. I have worked in “Respect Life” ministry for almost 20 years – including education, having events for the pregnancy crisis centers, and also praying and talking with post aborted women and men who are hurting so badly (anywhere from 7-20 years AFTER the abortion. Also, I work in the medical field as a medical transcriptionist – I have typed the reports of ultrasounds of the unborn and document the heart beating in the baby very early on and all other features of the child. I have also had the very horrible experiencing of typing up abortion reports explaining in detail the “procedure and what is actually done to our unborn babies. I no longer work at that hospital!!! My husband is not into any sports, but I will put the superbowl in the other room just to support your commercials for pro life. Football is okay, though!

-Judy B.

What are your thoughts?

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12 Responses to “Tim Tebow Mentioned on “The View””

  1. abby m. says:

    First of all, I fully support the Tebows’ decision on doing the commercial. People need to hear the message of it. I think Tim is using his pedastool that the fans have given him to make a difference, and I think that is brave and courageous of him and his family. You keep on standing up for what’s right!

  2. Theresa says:

    Finally! An athlete role model we can be proud of! I think the Tebows’ decision to do this ad will affect Tim’s fan base. It will catapult the fan base to new heights, as people see Tim as a man of conviction as well as athletic talent. That he is not ‘perfect’ is sure to be brought up–who IS perfect? Perfection in all areas of one’s life is not the issue. Moving forward and trying to live with values and faith differentiates him from other athletes.

    Why are the “pro-choice” groups afraid of Tim’s mother’s CHOICE?

    Can’t wait to see the ad!!!

    Way to go, Tebow family!

  3. Brooke says:

    Once again, as Marsha pointed out in this site’s earlier post about this ad, it’s a female who’s supportive of the ad & a male who isn’t. Yet abortion is supposedly something that’s around to benefit females? BS. It’s biggest beneficiaries are males who don’t want to be accountable for the results of their actions. It’s easy for males to be pro-choice. Easy access to abortion saves guys from the responsibility & expense of being fathers, yet they aren’t the ones who have to have the abortion themselves.

    (Since the webmaster is male, I want to point out that I’m not anti-male. I’m just sick of abortion being called a ‘women’s issue’ when it clearly isn’t.)

    Scott also said: ‘You’re acting like that guy everyone hates and no one wants to have sex with.’

    Uh, Scott, you might want to have a look at that shirtless pic of Tebow again & the comments that were left for it…

  4. giordano bruno says:

    Tim Tebow is the final demonstration that americans are idiots and mostly morons..with the bible in one hand and a machine gun in the other.You deserve other 8 years of Bush family… assholes

  5. giordano bruno says:

    Tim Tebow you better stop jack off also because in your sperm maybe there is some life to come…

  6. giordano bruno says:

    if you want to save lifes go in texas in the death row and make a commercial up there ..asshole

  7. Izzy Tebow says:

    Um, yeah who ever is that scott s. on the main page, is a total JERK. How could you say that about Tim Tebow? The guy no one wants to have sex with? Well, do you know what? He is saving himself for marrige so he dosen’t want to have sex with anyone either! So the next time you post something like that on a TEBOW FAN SITE! Think again!! Idiot!

  8. Brittny says:

    I fully support Tim’s choice to do the ad. I also highly doubt that if it were a pro-choice ad it would be as highly criticized. As a Christian with strong Biblical beliefs in the work place it is a constant struggle to present your views and beliefs. We are always told that we are “fanatical religious freaks”. Well, I would rather be considered a fanatical Christian than a Christian who won’t stand up for what the believe.

    I am just glad that there are athletes who are willing to do the same 🙂

  9. Izzy Tebow says:

    Tim Tebow i think this is the best decision you could make. To come out and expose the murder that is abortion is amazing and to do during the super incredible I hope everyone can see how wrong abortion is through this commercial. And finally outlaw it! God Bless You TIM TEBOW!!

  10. Greg says:

    Pam Tebow is a liar. Abortion is illegal in the Philipines and and has been since the 1930’s. Any doctor or nurse performing an abortion faces six years in jail. No doctor from the Philipines would risk a six year jail sentence for an American.

    The Tebow’s “bought” to you by, Focus on the Family. The guys not even a minister morons.

  11. Greg says:

    Brittny, have you ever read the “Bible”. Check out its some time. Read it the Gospels side by side and you’ll see the contradictions between Mark Luke Matthew and John. That’s a start. Thre’s many other books like Acts that make it phony. You’ll see while one says one thing the other totally contradicts him. It’s fake. But then again you have to have an open mind to understand what I’m asking you.

  12. James Stinger says:

    When I read the first email I was discusted. I still can’t believe that they are actually debating to have it on or not…

    Way to go Tebow!!!!!

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