Tim Tebow Back in the Philippines

Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow is back in this Philippines to help with his family’s work. Many players will spend their Spring BReak partying in Miami or Panama City Beach. Not our Timmy though. He has important things to do with his time/life.

The following is from the AP about Tebow’s permission from the NCAA to raise money for the orphanage his father helps out. As you know the NCAA has very strict rules about the promotion of college athletes and them raising money.

A day after Gators coach Urban Meyer told lawmakers in Tallahassee that Tebow returned for his senior season partly because he was granted a waiver from the NCAA to raise money for the orphanage his father helps out with in the Philippines, the NCAA clarified its position on the matter.

Tebow was not given special permission to raise money for Uncle Dick’s Home, said Erik Christianson, director of public and media relations for the NCAA. Tebow always has been allowed to promote the orphanage as long as he abides by guidelines set forth in NCAA bylaw, Christianson said in an e-mail Friday. “There is no waiver involved here,” Christianson wrote. “We have worked cooperatively with the University of Florida, the Southeastern Conference and the Tebow family for a few months now to help interpret and apply our bylaws related to extra benefits and promotional activities.”

Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association is a charitable organization that is separate from Uncle Dick’s Home. All donations to Uncle Dick’s Home go directly to the orphanage and not to Bob Tebow’s association or the Tebow family, and no member of the Tebow family serves on the orphanage’s board of directors or staff.

So donations to the orphanage from the University of Florida or any of the school’s boosters would be allowed under NCAA rules, Christianson said.

NCAA rules prohibit an institution or boosters from providing benefits to a student-athlete or the student-athlete’s family that generally aren’t available to any student in the general student body.

But NCAA rules allow Tebow and fellow student-athletes to promote educational, charitable or nonprofit entities like the orphanage – but only if certain conditions are met.

Meyer said Thursday that Tebow’s return had a lot to do with getting clarification from the NCAA, but he didn’t say when and if Tebow’s mission work had been questioned.

“It has nothing to do with self-gratification,” Meyer said. “It has something to do with something that he believes in. If you get to know Tim, when he believes in something: watch out.”

Tebow said his role in influencing the lives of others was more important to him than trying to make it in the NFL right now. It’s all about who can I help.”

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  2. Caroline says:

    I read this on my sports app on my iPod a couple days ago, it made me so happy for Tim!!! I have been praying everyday for him so that he will stay safe!!! I know he is at least warm because the weather in the Philippines is in the 90’s!!! Hopefully the crazy time change won’t make him too tired for practice!!! Right now it is 7:41 PM here and for Tim it is 8:41 AM (I’m pretty sure)!!! I think it is sooooo sweet that he is spending his time in the Philippines…I mean he’s been going since he was 15(besides being born there ofcoarse)!!! His is such an inspiration because we had to bring at least a dollar for a charity at my school and I thought WWTTD(what would Tim Tebow do?) and so instead of getting money from my parents I took all the money out of my wallet($20) and gave it to the charity and it made me feel so good!!!! I love Timmy:)))

  3. lucas says:

    wow, a great athlete with a great heart. i am from the philippines, specifically in cebu city, central phils. and i have been a football fan since highschool. my friends and I play touch football sometimes coz we dont have the equipments to play it properly. i hope he visits Cebu someday and open a football camp for people who wants play especially the young generation. many play flag football here, but he could be the first to introduce real american football. GOdbless Tim, and I hope continues the good work even after his college and (upcoming) NFL career. He’s a great role model to emulate. 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    Why focus such energy on a nation that is 80% Catholic already? Catholics also believe the Gospel. Why not spend all that energy/money in nations that truly have no gospel? Middle eastern countries come to mind…

  5. joy plastico says:

    if you’re the one who went to mindanao, specifically norala, south cotabato, You’re so great to give some time talking to students about drug education program. I am one of the teachers of San Miguel National High School, Norala where you spent couple of minutes talking about drug abuse prevention. You were with your brothers and your father. Thank you so much for picking our school to be one of your recepients for that event. Wow! I can’t imagine that you spent a couple of minutes in our school. You’re a famous one! Now, I just hope that you can visit again our school, we have students that are interested in soccer. Thank you so much!!!

  6. Angelle says:

    I’m a big fan of you Tim. But when I knew that you are helping the orphanage there in Cotabato, Philippines, I am happy and proud you. The great athlete of TEXAS has a good heart and soul. WOW! you are so amazing Tim. May god bless you.

  7. Elvie Centeno says:

    Tim, I’m a fan before I even found out the work you do in my country, Philippines. After reading about it, you’ve become my hero! Thanks for all that you do, and may God bless you a million fold for what you do. I have to thank your parents for believing that you’re gonna be a healthy baby. You’re an inspiration. I wish to meet you someday and thank you personally for all that you do, and what you’ve made me through your work and words. Good luck in the NFL – I’m a Steelers fun, but maybe you can join Coach Carroll in Seattle and bring the team to LA! I’ll always be a fan :o)

  8. We are all praying for your success. May God Bless you and your family always.

  9. joe says:

    mabuhay ka tim tebow!!!

  10. bie-jay celis says:

    Tim, though the whole NFL do not appreciate your worth, We Filipinos and your fans were proud of you!

    You’re better than Michael Vick, Tom Brady and even Peyton Manning. But its your heart which makes you the greatest Football player!

    Im a big fan of New Orleans Saints, and like them, I’ll be very happy and thankful watching you win a Superbowl title!

    You’re an American by race, but a Filipino by heart!

    And I’ll be very bless to be invited by you to watch your game, though i dont have money to go to USA.

    Take care!

    And keep the great heart and spirit!

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