Tim Tebow and the BCS National Championship

The BCS National Championship Game is not an unfamiliar place for Gator quarterback Tim Tebow. He played in the 2006 Championship Game in key roles on short-yardage 3rd down plays. He didn’t play a major role in his first BCS Championship, but the fact that he’s been to the big game and is comfortable with the large atmosphere is a positive.

All eyes will be on Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford. The weight of the entire Gator and Sooner nations will be on their shoulders. It’s no secret that these two guys don’t like each other. Security in Miami has been extra cautious about making sure these two guys don’t cross paths. It all started at the recent Heisman Ceremony. Tebow won the most first place votes, but somehow lost the Heisman to Bradford.

Everyone knocks the Big 12 defenses, saying they’re slow or not as athletic as the SEC players. I haven’t seen many Big 12 games so I can’t really confirm this. I do know that the Gator offensive line will have to play a great game if the Gators want to win. Tim will need time in the pocket to plant his feet and make some throws downfield. I think this game will be won more on the arm of Tim Tebow rather then his legs.

I’m sure he’ll pick up some key 3rd or 4th down plays by ramming some linebackers at the line of scrimmage, but this game will be all about quarterback play and throwing the ball. Tim needs to get the ball in the hands of his playmakers. Having Percy Harvin back on the field is a HUGE bonus. Even at 90%, he’s still better then any player on the Sooner team.

There’s no question Tim wants this game. He may already have a Championship Ring, but it’s not a ring that he won being “the man”. Now he’s the leader of this team and needs to lead the Gators to victory to fulfill his destiny. A win tonight would solidify Tim as the greatest Gator player in history.

I think the Gators are going to keep the game close heading into halftime. Late in the 3rd quarter is when we’ll see them open it up. I’m predicting a score of 45-24, with Tim Tebow throwing for 270 yards, rushing for 50 and combining for 5 touchdowns.

If you’re not in Miami and want to hang out with some Gator fans while you watch the game, head over to Gator Envy. We have discussion threads and a live chat room dedicated to the game tonight.

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  1. Stuart says:

    I’m sure Tebow will put in a great performance. The 2 things that will determine who wins the game will be Florida’s special team play and Florida’s ability to slow down Oklahoma’s hurry-up (2 minute) offense that they run the whole game. The difficulty with the offense is that they are playing with no huddle break allowing substitutions. Defenses get tired and don’t get set up quick enough. Because Oklahoma runs more plays faster, it’s like playing an extra quarter in the regular game period. The extra number of plays by both teams accounts partially for Oklahoma’s lowered defensive stats. Tebow and Florida should use the running game to chew up clock and keep Oklahoma’s high powered offense off the field. Whoever plays their type of game will win. If it’s a shootout Oklahoma will win. If it’s a ball control type game, Florida will win. Florida can offset some of OUs offense with big plays on special teams. Over the past few years, Oklahoma has played poorly in bowl games. Florida, Texas and USC usually play pretty good in bowl games. A lot of teams did not play well in bowl games this year. They seemed rusty. I think much of it is in the preparation. Florida gets a nod in this department. Good luck!

  2. ERIC says:

    Huh..lets see Tebow would be #4 quaterback in the big-12…but he beats #1

  3. Mark Dixon says:

    I Believe this is the stupidest website ive ever seen, i saw it on espn and had to check it out. Where were all you fans last year when florida slipped up, and got beat by my Michigan Wolverines! I cant wait for tebow to go into the NFL so all you florida fans can shut up! By the way Tebow is a bust!!!!! To small to play in the NFL!

  4. Deprima says:

    You’re just jealous Dixon. You must be a BAMA fan. As for the Michigan game, I stood behind my team all the way, through the good times and the bad. That’s what being a true fan is all about. Oh, by the way, what is your NFL jersey number?

  5. Brianna says:

    haha! i think its funny how the cornerback for Oklahoma made the comment that Tebow is the 4th best quarterback in colledge football! i thought it was even funnier when Tebow said that that might be a complement, we’ll just have to wait and see! that was hilarious because we surly did see! we saw exactly what every gator fan wanted to see in this game! We saw Florida puttin some whoopin on some Sooner ass!

    -Hey Mr. Oklahoma Cornerback! if He’s the 4th then how come he beat the so called 1st!? huh! u tell me!

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