John Elway reflects on Bronco’s owner Pat Bowlen stepping aside

By Troy E. Renck
The Denver Post

Posted:   07/24/2014 12:01:00 AM MDT1 Comment | Updated:   about 6 hours ago


The iconic image in Colorado sports history caught John Elway off guard. Elway spent his career providing goose bumps, comebacks, face palms and victories. It never dawned on him that he would be remembered for something someone said more than something he did.

On Jan. 25, 1998, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen stood on the podium at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego after his team’s improbable 31-24 victory over the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXII. In one sentence, Bowlen summed up the improbable, agonizing journey to delirium.

“This one’s for John!”

On Wednesday — a day of heartache at Dove Valley after Bowlen’s step down from his position because of an ongoing battle with Alzheimer’s disease — Elway reflected on the franchise’s defining moment.

“It was a surprise to me when he said that, but it was probably the most humbling, thrilled feeling I’ve ever had in my life when we were finally able to win that championship and Pat handed me that trophy,” Elway said. “So there will never be a more special time because we’d been working on it for 15 years, and Pat had been here for 14 years. That was the highlight of my career.”

Elway hasn’t played since 1999, when he won his second Super Bowl ring. He returned to the Broncos in 2011, knowing of Bowlen’s faith in him and, privately, his friend’s deteriorating health.

Wednesday, the day after Bowlen’s decision was announced, still came too soon. Elway, fighting back tears, sat before the media at the annual training camp barbecue, clobbered by the reality of Bowlen’s absence.

“What a sad day it is around here,” Elway said, before pausing for 26 seconds to compose himself. “This place will never be the same.”

Watch: John Elway talks about Pat Bowlen stepping down

Bowlen ceded much of the daily business to team president Joe Ellis in 2011, while entrusting Elway to rebuild the football operations that same year. Bowlen didn’t meddle, but provided subtle pressure through tough questions after learning the game through conversations with former Broncos assistants Jack Elway and Jerry Frei.

Ellis and Elway reveled in the give-and-take, recognizing that it was the intelligence and vision of “Mr. B” that created the team’s standard for excellence. Bowlen no longer will occupy his days at the team’s Dove Valley headquarters. This was anticipated over the past few months, but the reality shook Elway.

“He has given me so much. It’s going to be hard to walk through those doors and not see him,” Elway said.

Elway said there are no plans for him to own the team. Bowlen, 70, has placed his Broncos’ ownership in the Pat Bowlen Trust. His desire remains for one of his seven children “to earn the right to run the franchise someday,” Ellis said.

John Elway talks about Pat Bowlen

John Elway talks about Pat Bowlen at a press conference at Dove Valley, Wednesday afternoon, July 23, 2014. (John Leyba, The Denver Post)

Bowlen’s legacy is secure, his accomplishments beyond the imagination of many sports franchises that aspire only to reach the playoffs. During his 30-year stewardship, the Broncos advanced to six Super Bowls, second only to New England. Their winning percentage ranks behind only the San Francisco 49ers. Denver has only five losing seasons since 1984, when Bowlen purchased the team for $78 million.

“He absolutely belongs in the Hall of Fame,” Elway said, repeating the stance of Ellis and coach John Fox. “And I hope that his bust is next to mine (in Canton).”

Elway and Bowlen have overlapped for two decades with the Broncos, a partnership nearly unrivaled in the NFL. When the Broncos went 4-12 in 2010, Bowlen admitted his mistake in hiring unproven Josh McDaniels and turned to Elway for help. The two worked together in Elway’s successful foray into the Arena Football League. But the former brash quarterback wasn’t convinced he was cut out for a front-office post.

“There’s always a little bit of doubt there, especially when you don’t have any experience. To have the confidence that he had in me to be able to afford me the responsibilities that he afforded me with the Broncos — he was the one who thought I was ready,” Elway said. “That’s one great thing that Pat had. He made decisions and had tremendous instincts. Somehow you don’t know how he got there, but his instincts were tremendous. When he told me, ‘You’re ready and you can handle this job,’ that was the final say and what got me over the hump.”

Bowlen leaves a team built to contend for a championship. His desire to win shaped every decision. He struck a rare balance of power, appointing and empowering his employees. He held them accountable without infringing on their authority. He also rewarded them, no praise more memorable than his eloquent gesture after the Broncos’ victory over the Packers.

“No. I really didn’t see it coming,” Elway said. “Heck, I threw for 130 yards. So, yeah, I didn’t see it.”

Buzzy Says : My Rewrite from my Tebow NFL Report


BuzzyBuzzard says:

Well I talked to each NFL team either a GM assistant or a coach or assistant coach or a senior player from each team I Only talk to one Starter that was Mark Bunnell and  he was out of the NFL  He said the Jets Gave Tim a Bumb Deal. The other  all say they just think that T2 can not play QB well anough to take a chance and they all bring up the media and Fan Following. There is no bigger fan than Me But at this point i just dont know

TT was Brought on the Fox Five show Today theydid not understand either.

Tim Tebow staying in shape, hoping for another NFL chance

 By Dan Parr

Elise Amendola/Associated Press
Tim Tebow was released by the Patriots after a training-camp audition last year.

NFL training camps are getting underway this week, and Tim Tebow is still hoping for a phone call.

Tebow, who said last month he’s not giving up on making it back to the NFL, doesn’t sound like a guy anywhere close to being ready to give up on his dream.

The former Broncos, Jets and Florida Gators player told Phoenix TV station KSAZ that he’s been going from the Performance Enhancement Professionals facility in Scottsdale, Ariz., to Los Angeles, where he works out with quarterback guru Tom House, to work on his skills and conditioning.

“I feel great,” Tebow said. “I feel the strongest, healthiest, throwing the best I ever have. I’m just really excited about the improvement.”

He even allowed the station to shoot video of his workout in Arizona. The video includes a look at something called “Danney Ball” (named for Tebow’s trainer, Ian Danney) — it appears to be a version of beach volleyball, except Tebow and the guys he trains with use a 10-pound medicine ball instead of a regular volleyball.

Tebow was cut by the Patriots before the start of last season and hasn’t been a full-time starter in the NFL since the 2011 season. It appears he’s just about out of NFL chances, but Tebow’s not so sure.

“One of my favorite quotes is ‘I don’t know what my future holds, but I know who holds my future.’ And in that, it gives you peace to just continue to work, go after what your heart desires and when you do that, you don’t have any regrets. I think that’s the best way to live life,” Tebow said.

Tebow will serve as an analyst for the SEC Network this fall. That is, unless an NFL club decides it’s ready to give him another shot — his contract with the network includes an out-clause in case the NFL comes calling.

Is it Really Tim Tebow? Or is it the Fans?

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Posted by :brandileanne On : July 20, 2014

The articles about Tim Tebow’s Playing Days being over just keep rolling off the internet. Perhaps the Greatest Quarterback in College Football History…or at least in a very select group. Led one of the most improbable Playoff Runs in Professional Football History. Over nearly 2 years prior to Tebow’s taking over, the Denver Broncos had the NFL’s worst record. Voted one of the 100 Best Players by his peers. On ESPN’s “All Era Team”. Everything looking up.

Then suddenly, with absolutely no evidence to support the position, a small group of “Insiders” decided Tim Tebow simply isn’t Quality Football Material.

OK, Tebow Fans and everyone else. I’m just going to call it. Bullshit!

Tim Tebow is the first and probably last Player ever to wear an NFL uniform who can accurately say that he has been the Most Popular Athlete in the World. The league that has admitted it has to deal with its cultural issues before the fans decide to deal with it for them has another cultural issue. And it has been manifested in one Timothy Tebow.

When a Sports League decides that it’s smarter and more knowledgeable than the Fans, it has taken a bad turn and needs to correct course. Hey, we’re forming a new Football league that will certainly create a stir. It’s going to be built for the Fans so completely, when it’s all built, we’re giving it to them.

If the NFL wants to keep any Fans, it needs to make an earnest effort to show they’re valued. If that means cleaning house of each and every person who values themselves over the Fans, my suggestion is…do it. While you still can.

I’ve said to Tim’s Fans for a couple years, the treatment he’s received from the NFL is NOT the “disease”. It’s a very visible symptom. Buzzy Buzzard’s Buzzy has talked to individuals from all 32 NFL Teams and the prospects are dismal. I would offer, the prospects for the NFL are dismal. I’ve watched the attitude of so many Fans become one of deep-seated hatred of the NFL. And not even necessarily about Tebow. Parents concerned about the seemingly endless “Perpwalks” on the front of the Sports Highlights. A growing sense that they simply don’t matter.

The League is going to happen. It’s long overdue. Will the NFL continue to exist? Well, I’ve had some asking if that’s the plan. To put the NFL out of business. Not-so at all. I want to see an NFL that is so responsive to the Fans they make The League have to be at its very best every day. I read stories that Tim is still trying to be an NFL Quarterback and I sometimes ask if he realizes what the NFL has done to his most dedicated Fans.

When asked about The League signing Tim Tebow, my reply has been that it needs to be a league he would look back on and feel proud he played in it. Can Tim say that about the NFL? Honestly? This isn’t a cheap shot of any kind. Can he look at how his Fans have been treated, like some sort of disease to be eradicated, and say he’s proud of that? That he wants even more?

Can the NFL say they’ve done right by Tim and his Fans? They might say they have. But I can point them to a whole lot of Tebow Fans who would disagree. And lest anyone forgets, Tim Tebow STILL has more Fans than the NFL. More go to the mat Fans. More Fans around the World. More Fans who would apply their every last measure of devotion. And poll after poll overwhelmingly saying he should be leading a Team today.

When you’re telling the vast majority of the people they’re wrong, you had better be coming with a whole lot more than the opinions of a handful of “Insiders”. And I don’t think anybody has that. The feedback Buzzy has gotten jives perfectly with the comment “too popular to sign”.

There it is Sports Fans. If there’s more than that, I haven’t seen it. It hasn’t convinced the vast majority of Fans. Because, I think, there’s nothing there to show. There’s no good Football reason why Tim Tebow isn’t playing Football. His “Following” (the term Buzzy heard) is just more than anyone has wanted to deal with. That following is another word for a group so large, he’s a 5-1 Thanksgiving Dinner choice over the President of the United States. Why the Vatican wants him to help clean up Professional Sports Worldwide. Why he’s the only Pro Football Player ever to be in the Oprah stratosphere of popularity and influence. Why that popularity grows even as he’s not playing Football.

Why that popularity has been a “problem” is anyone’s guess. But I will say this. Any answers anyone comes up with, I’m calling Bullshit! again.



Same Sports Bimbo I’ve always been.

Tim Tebow Apparently Not Trying To Make Football Comeback ( Buzzy Says : More Media BS )


Tim Tebow Apparently Not Trying To Make Football Comeback


Tim Tebow may be done with the football portion of his career.

 Playing football, at least.

The former Heisman Trophy winner last suited up in an NFL uniform nearly one year ago, when he played for the New England Patriots in the 2013 preseason before ultimately being cut. Tebow waited the rest of the season, working out in case another team got bit by the injury bug and came calling, but every time there was an opening Tebow was passed by.

Now it appears that Tim Tebow is done with his dream of playing quarterback in the NFL again. There has been no indication around the league that another team wants to give Tebow a chance, and no indication that Tebow is putting himself out there to be picked up. Tebow also doesn’t appear interested in playing anywhere else outside the NFL.

Tebow currently has an outstanding offer from the Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League. The team’s new owner, David Siegel, said Tim has a spot on the team waiting for him if he so chooses.

“If anyone knows Tim Tebow, tell him to call me,” said Siegel, CEO of Westgate Resorts, said. “The team number is 844-455-PRED.”

But Tebow has turned down other opportunities to play outside the NFL before. He has had offers from the Omaha Beef, another indoor football team, the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League, which hold Tebow’s rights.

Tim even turned down a $1 million offer to play for the Moscow Black Storm in last year’s Russian league playoffs.

Insiders say Tim Tebow wants only one thing — to play quarterback in the NFL. That is the reason he has also resisted attempts to convert him to another position, thwarting the handful of teams interested in making him a tight end or an H-back.

Instead, Tebow has moved on smoothly to the next phase of his career as a college football analyst. He has joined on to help launch the SEC Network with ESPN, and seems to be doing quite well. Last week, Tebow closed on a $1 million home on a golf course in Orlando.

Though he seems content with his new position, Tim Tebow may leave to follow his dream if the opportunity arises. He has an out in his contract in case a NFL team comes calling.



Bikini Babe! Kate Upton Flaunts Major Cleavage During Vacation With Justin Verlander

Posted by :brandileanne On : July 17, 2014

Posted by :brandileanne On : July 17, 2014

Life’s a beach for Kate Upton and her baseball beau Justin Verlander. The good-looking duo was spotted relaxing in Cancun recently, soaking up the summer sun and working on their tans. But it seems that the buxom model’s sunning efforts went a bit awry after she got sunburned early on in the three-day vacation. That didn’t stop Upton from continuing to rest by the ocean, though, as she was spotted reading a book while lying out next to Verlander. The athlete made sure to rub some sunscreen on his leading lady to ensure that she didn’t burn herself any further.

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Same Sports Bimbo I’ve always been.



Wake Up Cowboys, It’s Tebow Time (TKS TEBOWFAN)


The Dallas Cowboys have always had a problem with finding good quality backup quarterbacks so that they can remain a good team if their starting quarterback, Tony Romo, gets injured. In fact, the Cowboys have now released 3 backup quarterbacks since 2013. And the latest one to be released by the Cowboys is Kyle Orton. Before joining the Cowboys, Orton was a pretty good starting quarterback as he took the Chicago Bears to a winning season. However, Orton has been on three different teams in 5 seasons and is now a free agent. The Cowboys finished last season with an 8-8 record and Orton was the starting quarterback for the team in their final game of the 2013 NFL season.

Since the Cowboys have always had a problem finding backup quarterbacks that can win football games, it is time for the Cowboys to wake up and pursue a certain free agent that has won a playoff game in the NFL before. That’s right. The Cowboys should sign Tim Tebow. When he was a starting quarterback in Denver, Tebow had a 7-4 record and took the Broncos to the Divisional Round in 2011, which proved that he could win games in the NFL. But since then, Tebow has had a rough time trying to find a team to join because coaches have stated that Tebow would be too much of a distraction for the team during training camp and during the season. Last season, Tebow was released by the New England Patriots before the season started.

Nevertheless, Tebow would be a perfect fit for the Cowboys for 2 reasons. One reason is that Tebow can win games in the 4th quarter. For instance, in 2011, Tebow led his team to victory by scoring in the 4th quarter in 4 games for the Broncos. And the Cowboys desperately need a quarterback that can win in the 4th quarter because they have lost more than 3 games per year in the final seconds for 4 straight seasons. The second reason will greatly benefit Tony Romo. Tebow will divert attention away from Romo while Romo concentrates on winning football games for the Cowboys. Plus, since Tebow is a player with the highest character, Tebow could help motivate his teammates to become the best players that they can be so that the Cowboys can win more than 8 games this season.

It is about time that the Cowboys do something about their average record and sign Tebow. We will see if the Cowboys have the courage to sign Tebow as training camp approaches. If the Cowboys need any more incentive, here is a reminder of what Tebow can do.



  1. Tebow to the Cowboys would be the best thing to happen to Jerry Jones since he founded the team. Awesomeness is going to Dallas. Wake up Jones. Can’t you see it is Tebow time?


  2. All Right! I love Tebow stories. And this one is the one that is going to happen. I think that Tebow will be watching football games from that studio on SEC Network and say, Man, I can’t stand this. I want to play football! And Jerry Jones will give him a chance to play for America’s team. Plus, in two years, he will be the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.


  3. Mikerophone did this story because he wanted to rile some feathers. And I bet that Stephen A. Smith is steamed of seeing a Tebow story. I love watching him sweat because he is one step away from losing his job to Mikerophone. Keep em’ coming Mikerophone. Smith will blow a gasket.


  4. Tim Tebow is not going to join the Cowboys Whitlock. But they should at least give him a look because now the Cowboys do not have any quarterbacks left on their roster. I do not want to see the punter take snaps under center. Get a quarterback Jones, and Mikerophone is giving you a solution.


  5. Korrarted ArteryJuly 16, 2014 at 6:20 PM

    Now that the Jaguars have passed on Tebow, it is time for Jones to be a competent GM and get a proven winner in Tebow. With a great offensive line, anyone can be a great quarterback. And if the Cowboys fix their O-Line, Tebow will be a good quarterback for at least 3 seasons. I am not saying that he deserves Colin Kaepernick money, but he should at least get a shot to play.


  6. I think that Tebow would be a better fit for the New York Underachieving Giants. It is about time that they get someone that can motivate those fat and slow offensive linemen that earn $10 million per season. A young quarterback like Tebow can get in their faces and carry the team on his back if he needs to.

Tim Tebow: NFL Training Plans For Return As Arena Football Owners Say ‘Call Me’


Tim Tebow Football News


Tim Tebow’s NFL training has resumed as he tries to keep up hopes that he may return to playing football professionally. But several Arena Football owners have recently made offers for him to sign up.


In a related report by The Inquisitr, during this summer Tim Tebow and the Duck Dynasty family have been touring together in order to focus on promoting Christian ministries. This is actually not something that has occurred during his downtime after being cut from the Jets and the Patriots. Even during his heydays at the NFL, Tebow used to skip football practice in order to provide help to disaster relief organizations, ministries, and a children’s hospital project, which was a joint effort between the Tim Tebow Foundation and CURE International.


But the NFL has never been far from his mind. Although some claim Tebow’s football career is likely over, TMZ reports that the Heisman Trophy winner was spotted in Los Angeles planning on resuming his training. Whether he has a team or not, Tebow has been working on his throwing motion, which was the main criticism that was thrust at him when people considered his stats. Regardless of critics, Tebow has made this pledge:

“I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being a NFL quarterback.”

Right now Tebow’s career is focused on launching the SEC Network with ESPN, but he does have other football job offers on the table. The Orlando Predators are first in their Arena Football division and team owner David Siegel recently sent up this message:

“If anyone knows Tim Tebow, tell him to call me. The team number is 844-455-PRED.”

This is not the first time the Predators made this offer. Last year, former owner Brett Bouchy said, “Whenever Tim is willing, we have a contract waiting for him to sign.”

Tim also could be working with Gene Simmons and the LA KISS if he ever wanted to. The team offered a three year contract for Tim Tebow’s return to football. Simmons is also fairly surprised that no one in the NFL has given Tebow a permanent position:

“When you think about it, why wouldn’t we want somebody who’s a family guy, who doesn’t use expletives, who doesn’t use drugs and booze, so he won’t go the way those guys do, doesn’t torture dogs, allegedly or otherwise, happens to believe in his God, Christianity — what’s the problem? That would be a stellar citizen.”

Do you think Tim Tebow’s NFL return will ever happen? Or do you think he should take one of these offers for Arena Football?


Tim Tebow plans PDQ location for Oakleaf Town Center


  • Tebow will not play in Wildcat
Tim Tebow


Just a month after purchasing a home in Jacksonville, Tim Tebow is planning on extending his business reach into the River City.

Public Relations Officer Jeff Kamis confirms that Tebow’s restaurant group has purchased property at the Oakleaf Town Center.

Kamis said the Oakleaf location could open later this year or early next year, but they are still in the permitting process.

Three PDQ locations are already open in the area. One is located in Bartram Park on Old St. Augustine Road, another is at Beach and Hodges boulevards and another is opening Aug. 10 in Julington Creek on State Road 13

Tims New Home

Link To

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