Dad acquitted in slaying of driver who killed sons (Buzzy Says : Maybe there is hope for TT as this is a change of thinking)

David Barajas, front, walks through the hallway with his lead attorney Sam Cammack at the Brazoria County Courthouse on Aug. 27, 2014. AP Photo: Patric Schneider

David Barajas, front, walks through the hallway with his lead attorney Sam Cammack at the Brazoria County Courthouse on Aug. 27, 2014.

ANGLETON, Texas (AP) — A jury on Wednesday acquitted a southeast Texas man of murder in the fatal shooting of a drunken driver who had just caused an accident that killed the man’s two sons.

David Barajas cried after the verdict was read and he hugged his wife, Cindy, who was also crying. He could have been sentenced to up to life in prison, if he had been convicted.

Prosecutors alleged that Barajas killed 20-year-old Jose Banda in a fit of rage after Banda plowed into Barajas and his sons while they were pushing a truck on a road near their home because it had run out of gas. Twelve-year-old David Jr. and 11-year-old Caleb were killed.

Defense attorney Sam Cammack said Barajas didn’t kill Banda and that he was only focused on saving his sons. The gun used to kill Banda wasn’t found and there was little physical evidence tying Barajas to the killing.

Authorities said that after the crash, Barajas, 32, went to his home about 100 yards from the crash site, got a gun and returned to shoot Banda.

Legal experts said prosecutors would likely have to overcome jury sympathy for Barajas, who had the support of many residents of Alvin, which is about 30 miles southeast of Houston. Further complicating their case was that there were no witnesses who identified Barajas as the shooter and gunshot residue tests done on Barajas came back negative.

Investigators testified that a bullet fragment found in Banda’s car could have come from a .357-caliber gun, and that ammunition for such a gun was found in Barajas’ home, along with a holster. Cammack said his client never owned a gun and that tests showed the bullet fragment also could have come from another weapon.

A forensic scientist testified that blood found on the driver’s side door and driver’s arm rest of Banda’s car was consistent with that of Barajas.

The defense called only three witnesses to testify during the trial, which began last week.

But prosecution witnesses told jurors during questioning by Cammack that more gunfire had taken place well after Banda was shot — pointing to the possibility that the actual shooter was still at large — and that a search of Barajas’ home failed to find any evidence that directly or indirectly linked him to the crime scene.

Cammack also suggested that Banda could have been shot by his own cousin or half-brother, who told investigators that they witnessed the crash but fled the scene. Both testified that they did not shoot Banda.

Cammack also used 911 calls to create a timeline that suggested Barajas would not have had enough time to shoot Banda.

Tim Tebow News: St Louis Rams to Sign QB?(Buzzy Says More BS)


By Maria Myka ( | First Posted: Aug 27, 2014 08:10 AM EDT


(Photo : Reuters/ Marc Piscotty)

    St Louis Rams quarterback, Sam Bradford, is out for yet another season, and when an important player is lost, you can bet that talks about replacements are going to take place.

For the Rams, Tim Tebow may be the replacement that they need. Tebow’s joining the team is yet a rumor at this point, and according to the Examiner, the Rams had the chance to trade for the quarterback in 2012 and could have been a free agent the following year, but that wasn’t the case.

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The Examiner stressed, “If Tebow proved anything during his short time in the NFL it was that he was a bad quarterback that was good at winning. How else could a team win with the quarterback completing only two passes for an entire game? Perhaps he had a higher power on his side, though he was effective nevertheless.”

He could be the lucky charm that the Rams needed, considering that they haven’t seen a winning season since 2003, and with Shaun Hill next in line as starting quarterback, it’s highly doubtful that they will be able to break the losing streak without some help.


As pointed out by the Examiner, “in the ever-competitive NFC West, St. Louis needs some offensive weapons to combat the 49ers, Seahawks and Cardinals. Tebow would be a great compliment to playmakers such as Tayvon Austin and Tre Mason to throw to (assuming he can even make accurate passes) with Zach Stacy spearheading the ground attack.”

However, thinks that Tebow in the lineup will be a big problem. The article read:

“It’s a great sentiment as Tebow is one of the most beloved players to ever step on an NFL field, but in reality, the move would be very foolish from a football standpoint. Tebow will never be a first option as a professional quarterback, and adding another backup into the mix with Austin Davis and Garrett Gilbert makes little to no sense.

The veteran Shaun Hill will be the starter until further notice, which is the smartest move. Hill knows the Rams’ system and has impressed at times during the preseason for St. Louis. Bringing in someone with a ton to learn in an impossibly-inadequate time frame is foolish at best.”

Considering that Tebow hasn’t been on the field since 2012, (according to the Examiner he put his career on hold to be a college football analyst for ESPN) so he may be rusty, and nobody wants that for the games.

What do you think of the possibility of Tebow signing up with the Rams? Would it be a bad or a good thing?

NFL Rumors: Will St. Louis Rams Sign Tim Tebow Following Sam Bradford Season-Ending ACL Injury?



Will the St. Louis Rams signs Tim Tebow after learning that starting quarterback Sam Bradford will once again miss another NFL season due to an ACL injury? That is the question on the minds of many Tebow-followers. After all, the season starts in less than two weeks, and Tebow is still in a booth preparing to talk about college football. The Rams need a starting quarterback with experience to lead a team with playoff aspirations in 2014. Tebow said that he is throwing the ball better than ever and still dreams of returning to the NFL as a starting quarterback. With all of that being said, should the Rams pick up the phone and reach out to Tebow to replace the injured Bradford?

While that may be the question of the cult followers who worship Tebow, the answer is clear.


Hell no.

No chance.

Not happening.

Tebow is not coming to St. Louis. He should not leave the analysts booth at all in the coming future, unless it is for a job working the sidelines as a reporter or if the Canadian Football League or Arena Football League comes calling. He is not an NFL quarterback, and real Rams fans have absolutely zero interest in their team signing Tebow.

Honestly, they would be better off with Brett Favre.

Shaun Hill is likely to start for the Rams in the 2014 NFL season opener. It is what makes the most sense. The Rams will not sign Tebow. They will not trade for Mark Sanchez or Ryan Mallett. They will also not give up enough to make an offer for Kirk Cousins. Christian Ponder is not coming to St. Louis, and neither is Josh Freeman. If the Rams can get their defense to step it up another notch, Hill will be enough to at least keep the team competitive.

After all, Kellen Clemens did it last season when Bradford went down. In my opinion, Hill is capable of at least putting up comparable numbers in 2014.

But, in terms of the Rams pushing for the playoffs? I just don’t see that happening.


Tim Tebow Has NFL Teams ‘Interested’ In Return, But Jim Theismann Insists Tim ‘Can’t Throw The Football’


Tim Tebow Has NFL Teams 'Interested' In Return, But Jim Theismann Insists Tim 'Can't Throw The Football'

Tim Tebow’s NFL return is either heralded with angels blowing horns or bemoaned by critics spitting on his throwing motion, depending on whether you are a Tebow fan or not. But the former NFL quarterback is not giving up hope despite admitting he will be perfectly happy with where he currently is at.

 In a related report by The Inquisitr, multiple Arena Football team owners have been offering to make Tim Tebow’s return to football a reality. There’s also those who believe that Tebow should go to Canada’s CFL, but he continues to hold out for the NFL dream while working with the SEC Network.

Fans had a glimpse of hope recently when Tim revealed that his agent had received a few calls from “interested” NFL teams, although the way it was said it did not seem like he was getting ready to hit the field. We also do not know who exactly has been talking to Tebow about a NFL job, but Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera was full of praise:

“I’m a big fan of his and he knows it. He has always given me fits when I’ve had to coach against him. He’s a playmaker and he plays a different kind of football. All the guy has ever done is win…. He’s one of those guys if you were struggling at quarterback, hey, why wouldn’t you give him a shot?”

Jim Theismann would disagree. When the former quarterback was asked why has not a NFL team picked up Tim Tebow, he was rather blunt:

“Tim can’t throw the football accurately enough to compete at this level.”

Theismann did soften the blow by saying that Tebow was a “fantastic human being,” although he did criticize the other former QB by saying Tebow should have negotiated a better exit package with the Denver Broncos, the New York Jets, and the New England Patriots. Tebow is taking such criticisms seriously and has apparently been working on his much-criticized throwing motion in Los Angeles. He’s also been working out with trainer Ian Danney at Performance Enhancement Professionals in Scottsdale, Arizona.

But Tim Tebow won’t let such talk get his spirits down. Despite not being on the field, he enjoys just talking about the action with the SEC Network:

“I love doing this. I want to do this for a long time. I love talking football and I love being around it. I don’t like to talk hypotheticals. I deal with the real life situations. I treat every day as a blessing. And it’s a blessing to be here doing what I’m doing.”

St. Louis Rams Should Not Call Tim Tebow Under Any Circumstance

August 24, 2014 7:29 pm EDT by Timothy Downs gplus


Getty Images

It didn’t take long after Sam Bradford was announced out for the season with a torn ACL for the media and fans alike to start speculating that the St. Louis Rams could possibly be targeting Tim Tebow, and apparently the Rams considered it last season after Bradford suffered the same injury according to Pro Football Talk.

It’s a great sentiment as Tebow is one of the most beloved players to ever step on an NFL field, but in reality, the move would be very foolish from a football standpoint. Tebow will never be a first option as a professional quarterback, and adding another backup into the mix with Austin Davis and Garrett Gilbert makes little to no sense.

The veteran Shaun Hill will be the starter until further notice, which is the smartest move. Hill knows the Rams’ system and has impressed at times during the preseason for St. Louis. Bringing in someone with a ton to learn in an impossibly-inadequate time frame is foolish at best.

Perhaps if the Rams are not completely happy with either Davis or Gilbert filling out the depth chart they could monitor which quarterbacks are available after the rest of the league finalizes their 53-man rosters, but for now, St. Louis will go with what they have.

The only call St. Louis should make to Tebow is one to ask him for prayers that Bradford will have a speedy recovery.

Tim Tebow Grants an Ill Teen Girl’s Wish


Tim Tebow Grant Ill Teen Haley Burke's Wish
Tim Tebow
Courtesy Tim Tebow Foundation

By Steve Helling

08/24/2014 09:45AM

All Haley Burke wanted was to meet Tim Tebow.

So the Virginia teen, who has battled Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (an inherited connective tissue disorder) since she was 15, began talking with the Tim Tebow Foundation, hoping to get some face time with the former NFL quarterback.

She got way more than she bargained for.

Before she knew it, Burke and her family were flown to Scottsdale, Arizona. For four days and three nights, they stayed in the presidential suite of the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort. There was a day at the spa. There was an aerial tour of the Grand Canyon with Burke acting as co-pilot. She even threw out the first pitch at an Arizona Diamondbacks game.

 And then, Burke got her simple wish, spending time with Tebow during one of his training sessions. At dinner that night, they were surprised by Tebow again, who shared a meal with the teen and her family.

“They’re amazing,” Tebow, 27, tells PEOPLE. “The entire time I was with them, I was so inspired by their strength and courage in facing every day and every struggle with a positive attitude.” (For her part, Haley was delighted, and immediately changed all her social media profile pictures to a photo with Tebow.)

As it turns out, Burke was a recipient of the Tim Tebow Foundation W15H program. (It’s pronounced “Wish,” but the “15″ in the middle is a nod to Tebow’s jersey number.) The program provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences to children and teens facing life-threatening illnesses.

“The W15H program allows me to keep a great perspective on life,” Tebow says. “I always begin the wish hoping to have a positive impact on these children, but every time, I’m the one who has been impacted the most.”

In addition to the W15H program, the Tim Tebow Foundation has an adoption aid program, builds “Timmy’s Playrooms” in children’s hospitals around the world, and has built a five-story hospital in Davao City, Philippines.

“Other than my faith and family, my foundation is the most important thing in my life,” says Tebow, a devout Christian. “It allows me to keep so many things in perspective, and it gives me the opportunity to bring people together to invest in the lives of children all around the world.”

Tebow, whois single, currently works as a college football analyst. In March, he told PEOPLE that his celebrity status allows him to do more philanthropic work. “For me, life isn’t about being recognized or having everyone know who I am,” he said. “[Charity work] is much more important than being a celebrity.

And after granting Burke’s wish, Tebow still feels the same way. “My goal has always been to bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need,” he says. “I’ve been so blessed to have a platform where I can influence and, hopefully, impact these incredible children.”

Tim Tebow; Where Art Thou?

by Dennis Amo

The Bills fell to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday 27-14.  The offense looked inconsistent and basically boring for the most part.  The defense was sound and look like the still have a couple of ends to tighten up but not to the extent that the offense is looking at. 

What should be done with EJ Manuel? Tim Tebow is still available.  Just saying.  Manuel went 9-18 in the first half, and looked like Captain Check-down.  No change from last year, still not taking any shots down the field, and hos reads and accuracy didn’t appear to have improved either.  Manuel was our first round draft pick, 16th overall, in the 2013 draft.  With Sammy Watkins as our first round draft pick in 2014 that really cost us two first rounds, we are out of options for next year, unless a trade happens.

Manuel is suppose to be the new face of the franchise and fill the quarterback void since Jim Kelly.  At this point, hope is hanging on with all its might, but we have a cliff hanger scenario here.

EJ Manuel did go 10-10 for 135 yards in the second half with a touchdown.  So there is that glimmer of hope, but as said before hanging by a thread.  We can’t wait for EJ Manuel and company to come around in the second half.  They need to come out of the gates running and not look back

The Bills will win games if they are up and have the lead.  Playing from behind, is not an option for this team.  Playing from behind is draining to a team and doing it on an everyday basis will kill this team quickly.

Doug Marrone is trying to change a history of losing and a philosophy at the same time.  He doesn’t like to lose even in preseason.  The rest of the team needs to start and grab hold of this and begin to move forward.  Change is in the wind, is EJ Manuel part of it?

Rams worry that Bradford re-tore ACL

Posted by Mike Florio on August 24, 2014, 2:51 PM EDT
Bradford APSam Bradford’s make-or-break year could be over before it even began.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, initial optimism has become real concern that Saturday night’s knee injury suffered by Bradford may have indeed damaged the new ACL that replaced the one he tore last year, after starting the season with 14 touchdown passes and four interceptions.

An ACL tear would represent a major blow for the Rams, who would be required to pay Bradford another $14.015 million in 2014.  Including this year’s wages, Bradford will have made more than $65 million since entering the league as the first overall pick in the 2010 draft.  And it will leave Bradford under contract for one more year, at a base salary of $12.985 million.

The team’s high degree of confidence in Bradford resulted in the Rams opting not to select a quarterback until round six, when Garrett Gilbert arrived via the 214th overall pick.  If Bradford misses part or all of the season, Shaun Hill becomes the starting quarterback, with Austin Davis as the backup.  The Rams possibly would explore acquiring a veteran, such as Vikings third-stringer Christian Ponder.

Or maybe even Tim Tebow.

That’s only partially a joke.  The Rams are one of the few teams to show any sort of interest in Tebow over the past few years.  With a crippling defense and Tebow’s panache for turning close fourth-quarter games into dramatic wins, maybe Tebow becomes the best option.

It also would give offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer a chance to display the ultimate one-fingered salute to the Jets, who dumped Schottenheimer not long before embarking on their disastrous one-year Tebow experiment.

The Primer For Tebow Fans Understanding

Poste by :brandileanne On : August 22, 2014

I’ve written numerous articles about how little the Football World understands about the Fans of Tim Tebow. As the Galaxy of Tebow preps for the SEC Network and scratches its head trying to understand why they’re watching Tim behind a microphone instead of a Center’s butt, I think it’s time to talk about what many Tebow Fans don’t grasp about the Football World.

In a nutshell. It’s absolutely, thoroughly, often inexplicably in love with itself. I mean it gets hard just thinking about itself and then gets off thinking about itself some more. For the life of it, Galaxy of Tebow, it can’t understand why you don’t. At least not the Professional Variety. I mean, the World of NFL just has to pinch itself to remind itself it’s real. So otherworldly it is.

What prompted this little Primer is the new wave of columns and articles showing the “parallels”, “connections” even, between Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel. I mean, it’s like they’re the same guy. OK, Tebow kneels. Johnny does his “Show me the Money” stance. But other than that. There are even NFL Owners who’ve expressed concerns about the “circus” and the “frenzy”. Haven’t they had enough of that already with Tebow?

I’m not going to knock Johnny. But trying to imply Manziel is a RockStar like Tebow is like trying to compare a sparkler to a SuperNova. Johnny’s big in that little World of Football. Tebow’s big everywhere. But, Galaxy of Tebow, you’ll never get the Football World to admit that because, well, it’s so completely in love with itself and just knows, so is everyone else. Anyways, isn’t Johnny Manziel ESPN’s “New Tebow?” I mean, if the Worldwide Leader with it’s WB Network like ratings anoints, that’s like the Whole World, right? Never mind that in reality, it’s like a few million people. Like about 1 and a half percent of the people in the US. Hey that’s everybody, right? At least, everybody who counts. Forget that more people in the US watched Germany and Argentina Play a Soccer Match thousands of miles away than watch all but a handful of NFL Games. (And nearly twice as many as any NFL Game on ESPN.) Forget that, according to a Sports Business Journal Survey, less than a quarter of the most “avid” NFL Fans dedicate more than the most minimal time and money to their “beloved” NFL Game. Over a third, spend zero time during the Off-Season and a quarter spend zero money at any time. About 60% of them say they’re “miserable” after a loss. But almost a third never even talk about their favorite Teams to recommend someone watch a Game on TV or anything else. And those are the most “avid” ones. Even during the Season, half spend barely more time than it takes to watch a Game. But it’s the King, right? By contrast, almost 4 out of 5 English Premier Soccer Fans identify themselves with their Soccer Club BEFORE anything else. Before talking about whether they’re married, have kids, their job, where they live, anything.

Galaxy of Tebow, you’ve heard me say many times that the NFL does not want passionate Fans. What you haven’t heard me say much is how much those who consider themselves Citizens of the NFL World actually are convinced they ARE passionate. Despite absolutely nothing concrete to back that up. In fact, all the hard numbers show the NFL World to be largely soft on everything but rhetoric. They’re strong there. They’ll tell you all day long how all that they are. That’s what has many Tebow Galaxians confused. You guys KNOW what passionate support is. Just like you know the difference between actually Winning Games and looking good Losing them. Something the NFL World seems thoroughly perplexed about.

Perhaps Tebowites, that’s the Great Divide. That dissonance you haven’t been able to quite size up. The NFL World isn’t as full if itself as it appears. It’s much moreso than that. And it just can’t get enough of loving on itself. There’s no room for the likes of you.



Same Sports Bimbo I’ve always been.

Tim Tebow News: Johnny Manziel is the New Tebow of ESPN?


Although the Cleveland Browns have only played a couple of preseason games, Johnny Manziel is quickly gaining popularity among football fans. The attention he’s getting is quite similar to what Tim Tebow received during his heydays.

According to Sports On Earth, fans and experts alike could not help but compare the rookie quarterback with the former Denver Broncos quarterback, especially when it comes to getting media attention. However, some found Tim Tebow’s ESPN coverage rather dull. Manziel, on the other hand, appears more dangerous and unpredictable. Generally, Tebow was an attractive athlete who preferred to abide by the rules. Manziel, on the contrary, looks as if he is ready to break the rules depending on his mood.

In a report by USA Today, in the preseason match featuring the Cleveland Browns against the Washington Redskins, Manziel flipped off the Redskins bench to the delight of his opponents. Brian Orakpo said, It was hilarious. We were messing with him a little bit, just saying this ain’t college and stuff like that. We were having a little fun. Manziel flipped us off. It was something funny. We were all laughing on the sidelines.”


Sports on Earth writes that even though the NFL has yet to see what type of quarterback Manziel might turn out to be or if he truly has the skills and football IQ to become one of the premier quarterbacks in the NFL, he brings to the field a unique kind of excitement that has not been around for years. For a long time, ESPN has acclimated players to “mature” and play in the traditional manner that it believes football should be played, similar to the approach that Tim Tebow used, added Sports on Earth.

However, other fans and experts commented that Manziel’s unpredictable nature and the risqué behavior he showed on the field is much needed in today’s boring and stereotypical environment. ESPN needs to bring back that kind of craze and excitement.

Kent Sterling writes that Manziel is described as the “anti-Tebow”, who currently has his entire career ahead of him. Many expect that his career will not last long, considering his crazy lifestyle and combative behavior while playing professional football. Manziel is going against a league that promises its most loyal and obedient players a long and prosperous life. Manziel has quarterback skills, but many do not see a very long football career ahead of him, considering his off-court antics and the way he accumulates hits. The habits will catch up to the 21-year-old eventually, but for now, ESPN can make the most out of his public life. 

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