The Broncos are John Elway’s team but were Tim Tebow’s for one wacky season

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Tim Tebow visits old teammate who was injured in Orlando attack

Rodney Sumter isn’t Tim Tebow’s most famous former football teammate, but Tebow came to be with his friend after Sumter was shot in the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

Sumter was Tebow’s teammate at Ponte Vedra Beach Nease High. While Sumter is still in the hospital recovering from being shot three times and suffering two broken arms in the attack, he was visited by Tebow. According to Sumter’s Instagram post, ”My high school quarterback left the Bahamas to come and see me. Tebow has always been an awesome person.”

Sumter went on to play at Jacksonville University after high school, the Orlando Sentinel said. Tebow, of course, became a phenomenon at the University of Florida and for a brief time in the NFL.

Sumter was a bartender at Pulse. During his recovery Sumter quoted a Bible verse that Tebow has cited too, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Tebow would often write “Phil. 4:13″ on his eye black. Here’s what Sumter wrote on Instagram:

“No weapons formed against me shall prosper. Life changing experience and I don’t want to do anything but share my testimony and turn my life over to the lord. I don’t have my phone so I can’t respond to you all through text or Facebook just yet. … But thank you so so so much for the heavy support that I have received. It definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“Still in excruciating pain but, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ – Philippians 4:13.”

Tim Tebow’s handyman skills need a little work

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Tim Tebow still isn’t ruling out a return to the NFL: ‘We’ll see what doors open’

Tebow refuses to give up on his NFL dream, though he says he won’t change positions

Tim Tebow is leaving the door open in case the NFL comes knocking. USATSI

Tim Tebow has a wacky idea — nay, a wacky dream. He’s holding the door open for an NFL return.

He isn’t completely giving up on the NFL, even though the NFL gave up on him, even though he already got his shot with four different teams, even though he can’t really throw a football like an NFL quarterback.

Speaking with Larry King, Tebow answered some questions about the potential for a comeback.

King: Do you still hope to play in the NFL?

Tebow: I don’t know. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future. That’s a quote I’ve said since I was probably 18 years old, freshman year in college. And it’s one of my favorites, because He’s got a better plan than I have for my life and I’m grateful for that.

King: Do you talk to teams?

Tebow: I talk to a lot of my friends, who are in the league and playing, and all around. So, yeah.

King: Might you come back?

Tebow: I don’t know. We’ll see what doors open. Maybe.

King also asked him about changing positions. You know, because Tebow had some difficulties playing quarterback.

King: Did you ever think of changing positions?

Tebow: I think that’s one that’s really important is life is that we pursue our passions. You pursue what’s on your heart, you pursue what you’re passionate about. And for me, the game of football is the position of quarterback. I’ve loved it since I was little boy, looking up to Danny Wuerffel when he was at the University of Florida.

You don’t do things necessarily because other people want you to. You do what’s on your heart, what you’re passionate about, and that’s something that I’ve really always tried to do.

King: So your passion was greater at quarterback than for football?

Tebow: No question. No question.

King: So if someone said you could’ve had a 10-year career as a running back, you’d rather have been a quarterback?

Tebow: Of course. You pursue your passion. You pursue what’s on your heart — not to please other people, but to do what you feel like you’re called to do. It’s not even close.

It’s worth remembering, of course, that Tebow did serve as the Jets‘ punt protector, which didn’t always go smoothly. It’s also worth remembering that Tebow experienced a successful stint as the Broncos‘ starter in 2011, when he helped the Broncos earn a playoff berth and a playoff win.

But the idea that Tebow could return to the NFL shouldn’t even be an idea. He hasn’t thrown a pass in a game since 2012. His career completion percentage sits below 50. His passer rating is 75.3. Bill Belichick, the most innovative coach in the league, couldn’t find a spot on the Patriots‘ roster for Tebow.

It might be time for Tebow to stop holding the door open, because the NFL isn’t walking through.

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