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The Tim Tebow Eye Test

Like just about everything else with Tim Tebow, the eye test has cut both ways. Or, as has so often been described about Tebow. It gives something for everyone.

The effort to say Timmy Tebow just isn’t up to it to play with the big dogs has managed only to convince more people that the NFL has just roundly rogered Tim Tebow. Fully 95% of Football Fans say he got a raw deal. The eye test convinces them. He Played. He Won. You called him a bum. And were afraid to put the Ball in his hands again lest he show you all up. Again.

On the other end of the spectrum. Tebow couldn’t hit the ocean with a pass to save his life. (To do some select quoting from Twitter.) Never mind he is one of College Football’s most accurate Passers. Or that every Pass he threw as a Jet…yeah, all 8 of them…went right where they were supposed to. And never mind that John Fox has tried a couple times to say don’t blame Tim. Blame him. Foxy’s the one who specifically told Tim to throw those worm killers and cheerleader headers. Foxy’s form of intentional grounding without the flag. Phil Simms’ CBS crew was assigned the Broncos Beat and tried to dispel the myth of Tebow the Poor Passer. He also put it all right on the Broncos coaching Staff and John Fox’s paranoia about Interceptions. Hard to blame Fox. Simms described John as a Coach who would throw “6 Passes a Game” if he thought he’d Win that way. And after Kyle Orton and his seeming ability to pick the worst moments to get picked, Fox was even more paranoid about airing it out.

Simms said the Broncos Coaches should get off Tim and let him play, let him pull the trigger, before Elway did.

The Broncos even broke NFL protocol and said, as described by Ian Rapoport, “to anyone who would listen” at the combines that the Jets blew it by not Playing Tebow. That he would have Won them games.

But none of this will mean anything to those who only want to see those dirt diggers.

This is the Tim Tebow eye test. He Won. Or he “can’t throw”. Nothing anyone says will ever mean anything when it comes to Tim Tebow because people saw what they saw and that’s it. Even as those who want to see Tim play and those who say he can’t will keep telling each other “I don’t care what you saw. It wasn’t the real Tim Tebow.” With Tebow what you get is whatever you want it to be.

In defense of some Teams that have passed on Tebow…

He’s not a Back-Up QB. For all but a small number of Teams, he’s your Starting QB or he might not fit in. Specifically, if it’s a System Program that likes to cut & paste, Tim’s not a piece you inject when needed. He’s a Leader and a Playmaker. He excels at both. It’s possible to try to make him more of a Game Manager. But even under Fox, Tim admitted he had to fight his instincts to try to make Plays. Except, of course, when the Game was on the line and the Broncos Coaching Staff put the Ball in his hands expecting him to go Win the Game. For some Teams, Tim could be a Swiss Army Knife. But for all but a very few Teams, that’s not the best use of his best abilities.

My problem is very basic and I’ve been pretty vocal about it. The Fans love him. ONLY in the NFL would that be a problem. That speaks to the NFL’s problem. NOT Tim’s. If your organization feels negative pressure from popularity the problem is your organization. NOT the person, product, whatever it is the Customers like. If you don’t get that, stay the hell out of Business AND Sports.

Tim’s popularity SHOULD convince a Team to hand him the Ball and see what happens. The worst case scenario is it doesn’t work, but you buy the organization time to build. The supposed worst case scenario is the Fans will scream if/when a failing Tebow is pulled. That’s just plain nonsense. And a piss poor excuse. If I was an NFL Owner I wouldn’t let the minute hand turn on my watch before I fired the people making it.

But then again, I wouldn’t preside over something nicknamed the “No Fun League”.


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Tim Tebow gets tryout, but is he still blackballed by NFL?

Tim Tebow could be making a return to the NFL. According to ESPN, The Philadelphia Eagles are working out the former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback. Tebow has not played in an NFL regular-season game since 2012 with the New York Jets.Tim Tebow could be making a return to the NFL. According to ESPN, The Philadelphia Eagles are working out the former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback. Tebow has not played in an NFL regular-season game since 2012 with the New York Jets.

Tim Tebow recently received a tryout by Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles, but has not signed a contract. It’s not known if he will receive a contract offer by the Eagles, but some believe that if they a backup quarterback position opens up on the roster, Tebow might be able to slide into that role.

But it’s been years since Tebow has been on an NFL roster. And while no one would mistake Tebow for Joe Montana, there are no doubt backups getting paid yearly salaries that are worse and less accomplished in the league than the former Florida quarterback.

So, is it possible that Tebow is being blackballed by teams and the league at large? That’s the question Camp Tebow and many fans are wondering as the young veteran quarterback sits without a job as mini camps across the country set to open up.

Following the NFL Draft, Tim Tebow’s old team drafted a young quarterback prospect in Geno Smith. Tebow’s old team, the Denver Broncos, couldn’t wait to dump him in favor of a talented but recovering (at the time) Peyton Manning (who had multiple neck surgeries and missed the entire 2011 season).

According to Yahoo, the reason that teams are unwilling to go all in with Tebow isn’t just because they don’t feel he’s a starting caliber quarterback.

The fact remains, multiple teams could use a backup (or even third string) quarterback in Tebow, if not to fill a roster spot than to also be a quality veteran presence who is also a good lockeroom guy.

And by all accounts, that Tebow to a T.

But it’s everything else that comes with Tebow’s presence that’s a major concern.

The celebrity of Tebow. The cult-like status of his fan base. The fact that ESPN will be camped out at the team’s offices day or not, or the fact that it appears Tebow’s mere presence in the lower room instantly polarizes teammates on the field and fans in the stands.

“He seems like a great guy to have on a team, and I’d be tempted to bring him in as our backup,” one NFC head coach told Yahoo this week.

“But it’s just not worth dealing with all the stuff that comes with it.”

And it’s exactly that “stuff” that’s keeping Tim Tebow’s phone from ringing.

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